Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gone to China

I'll be soon in Kunming.

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!

coming back next year, on 02 Jan 06.... and going to Montpellier.

Bonnes fêtes!

New great video on Zortea

Pour Nicole (mais shut, c'est une surprise)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Gedo Senki - Tales from Earthsea

Based on the Earthsea series by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Feature Film: July 2006
Director: Goro Miyazaki

"Once Man and Dragon were one.
Man chose Land and Sea,
Dragon chose Wind and Fire."

Gedo Senki - Tales from Earthsea

Japanese website (=blog)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pandora: Discover Music

Discover Music - Pandora

Great way to discover music!

try this radio I've made from Razor (Foo Fighters)... a coooool song on folk guitar:
Razor Radio
I found some nice new music, i put them under my favourite, check it out.

need music with more energy? for example, something with vocal harmony, mild rhythmic syncopation, a vocal-centric aesthtic and electric guitar riffs????
try this one: Incubus radio


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Kunming dialect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kunming dialect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Kunming dialect of standard Chinese (Mandarin), known as Kunminghua (昆明话), is spoken by the inhabitants of Kunming city and the surrounding areas of Yunnan province in the southwest of China. The dialect is basically similar to standard Chinese, the major differences being the unique pronunciation of certain sounds and the development of unique phrases and terms. As with all dialects of Chinese, speakers of the Kunming dialect read standard Chinese characters, though the pronounciation of words can, in some cases, be markedly different. For example the Chinese word 什么 (meaning 'what') is pronounced shen-me in the standard dialect, but in vernacular Kunming dialect the word is pronounced nai-yah. In some cases entirely unique phrases are used, which may or may not have equivalent written characters. One common example is the term 'rahn bu deh' meaning 'I don't know.' The standard dialect term is markedly different: 不知道 'bu zhi-dao'.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


China Top Blog:

“Forbid” (in Chinese 禁止”jinzhi”)is one of the most seen words in China.

Project in Switzerland

Tagzania - Tagging the planet

first part (field work) is done.
just came back from 2 weeks in switzerland. you can see on my tagzania some places i've been.

i realize it's quite long to do a tag map. but that's ok, i like it...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Google Base, Google analytics, Google sitemaps...

it's getting too complex for me. i don't really want to spend hours on this... although we can have good surprise.
I like to try the new services. if it's easy, great. if it's not, i just pass.
Just now, i've tried to submit the content of this blog (why? don't ask) on google base. had to follow instructions from a blog outside of google.

but i had submitted to Google analytics the other day. thought it was not working... but i've just tried to see the page, and actually it worked! it's pretty impressive, looks far better than my webstat4u !
they have a nice map, where you can see everything, or just one day.... great! wonder why they don't use googlemaps to display it.... it would be perfect!

as for Google sitemaps, maybe i should dig further. i thought we couldn't submit blogs....

Del.icio.us' Playtagger

? - Flames.mp3

what did i do wrong?

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

My "video"

come on! try to search for 'italy' and 'village' in google video and see what's there:

cool isn't it: i upload my small picture+music show on zortea.

i'll try to do that with youtube.com. it seems so much easier...

ok, i've tried dailymotion and youtube. i've made a choice. not sure it's the best but we'll see. google video is just to complex (too much beta?).... i'm not sure what they are trying to do there.
so here goes:

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Son: La mission (Arte-radio)

Son: La mission

Une mini-fiction percutante dans la série "Dans la tête".
Une création du collectif Résiste, auteurs radio et sound-designers.

Excellent! à écouter! 03'39''

A must-read about China [en]

From cells to bells, 10 things the Chinese do far better than we do

very good article...

By the way, I'm collecting articles in french and english (not yet chinese) about China (i tend to focus on society, it seems). To do that, the obvious solution was a blog ( i choose to copy paste the full text of the articles). it's there and it's called "Chine / China / ZhongGuo".

Sunday, October 30, 2005

2005 Hurricane Season Seen From Space

Video in the News: 2005 Hurricane Season Seen From Space:

Video in the News: 2005 Hurricane Season Seen From Space
October 20, 2005—With 21 tropical storms named so far and five weeks left to go, the 2005 hurricane season is tied with 1933's as the most active storm season on record. New NASA satellite animation shows the entire season as seen from space, recording storms as they develop, move, and dissipate over color-coded seas. Orange and red regions represent areas with ocean surface temperatures of 82�F (28�C) or higher, the temperature required for hurricanes to form.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fred Wesley's concert, without Fred Wesley (or, apology of the NJP)

NJP: Nancy Jazz Pulsation.
a week ago (Friday, October 21st), we (remi and me) had a nice evening at the NJP "funk explosion" night... too bad Fred Wesley didn't make it, it would have been perfect.

Fred Wesley is a star, for me anyway. i bought my ticket thinking i will have a "funky good time", listenning to its funny voice and its trombone solos. I didn't see that they did, but the festival announced at the last minute that he will not come (as a guest of the "groove collective" as it was planed). I saw some posters after the concert, not at the entrance. And nobody was able to inform me of what had happened. Seems to me that nodody cares of this.
i was thinking it wasn't very honnest from the festival and it appears later than i wasn't wrong.
well, ok, i've seen fred already (concert in geneva, july 2003). it's no big deal.

it's just that after the concert in the maggic mirror (with the crazy band from normay, called..... called Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band (pretty impressive band) and the amazing DJ MiSSiLL who was on fire....really, really good intro!), we met Fabio Morgera. Fabio is the talented trompetist who played with the groove collective. he was not announced by the NJP. (and still isn't on the NJP website... as the cancelation of fred wesley by the way).

Fabio was going back to its hotel and we were going back home. we easily had a chat with him and as he asked us where his hotel was, we had a walk until there. (from the place stanislas to the train station).

It was of course really cool to talk with a famous musician who has played with Norah Jones, Stephano di battista, among others (that i didn't know...). we bought his last album for 10 euros. i'm thinking about putting the song with Norah in my radio.blog (see in the sidebar). there is a Rahzel sample. maybe more than a sample... actually i'm not sure it's rahzel. my friend remi made me listen to some stuff from him recently and we recognize one tune. i'll put that too in my radio.blog... a live recording of the master of the human beat boxing. (looks like he is!)

The thing is, Fabio told us Fred Wesley coming as a guest was an old idea and that the festival shouldn't have made the announce. it wasn't really clear but i inderstood that he was not here to replace fred wesley although it could have look like he was. he would have liked to play with him but it hadn't been possible. and it wasn't a last minute thing. that's why i'm angry at the festival. it wasn't honnest from them.
I think they didn't want to announce another change: they already had to replace Saian Supa Crew. (that also made me not happy but at least i knew before buying the ticket). instead, there was Shaolin temple defenders, a band from bordeaux. (that played again the next day to replace another band!).

but what do i know?

What are you complaining about?

- they could give us a better view of our future: at least give us a provisional agenda.
- they should tell us when a class is canceled.
- they could tell us how much time we have to prepare our project (we had 16 hours that week, none this week, 4 next week...). how are we supposed to plan?
- they should put a clock in our classroom
- they should prepare the class connection to montpellier. we don't know anything about there.
- they should help us to find housing in montpellier.
- they could introduce nancy.

- i can't get an internet connection in my room.
- i can't connect my computer to the Internet connection of the school (why do i have a computer?).
- the computer configuration sucks: the internet explorer is not updated (IE 5.5: we can't see a google map... hopefully, i could manage to install (illegally) FF. i do have to start it everytime like it was the first time....).
- i'd like to use skype and be discret. they could open 2 computer rooms in self-service, it'd be easier.

Monday, October 17, 2005

That's me in Google Maps Mania

Google Maps Mania: "French blogger's experience with Google Maps China - Philippe tried his hand at navigating MapABC, the base mapping technology under Google Maps China. Check out his experience with it as he tries to locate Yunnan.." (that's me)

"Google Maps Mania is looking for a China correspondent! - I am actively looking for someone that wishes to join Google Maps Mania as a China correspondent! With Google Bendi now launched, there are sure to be developments with this mapping service and perhaps new mashups coming from China. I am looking for someone who can describe these developments for English readers of Google Maps Mania. The only requirements are that you have an active interest in Google Maps and maintain your own blog with some focus on mapping. If you are interested, please comment on this post, or email me."

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mp3 in China

I had been really interested in reading John's post (sinosplice.com) on Mp3 search on Baidu... that was august 8th (2005).
Funny to learn that Baidu is attacked on this matter: google news about that.

just saw that tonight when reading:
Courrier international - 16 sept. 2005
"THE STANDARD - Baidu poursuivi à cause de la musique en ligne
Les principales entreprises de musique mondiales intentent un procès à Baidu, un moteur de recherche chinois qui a attiré l'attention des investisseurs de Wall Street. Les "majors" attaquent Baidu pour violation des droits d'auteur et demandent qu'il ferme sa fonction de recherche de fichiers MP3. Or, c'est justement la possibilité de trouver puis de télécharger ces fichiers musicaux qui rend Baidu si populaire auprès des internautes chinois."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

MapABC, Google maps for china

I was curious about this website where you could get a "googlemaps-like system" displaying some cities in china.
But as it is in chinese (and my chinese is limited) and that i couldn't find anything more about it than "you can get 100 something city map"... i got to play with it and find by myslef.
Yes, i knew how to write KunMing in chinese character. but i had to put another character for the business. i just did, with a character i didn't even know, and it worked.

I was happy to see that the maps were quite nice. i could "visit" Kunming, a city i know. I even found some english names for some coffee that doesn't have a chinese name.

Here is my zoom process: (click on the pictures to see the details)

You can see all china!

This is Yunnan view....


I zoomed around the green lake park, near the yunnan university.
There is a place called Teresa, a restaurant where i've been once.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Originally uploaded by Philou 普风.

Coucou de Guyane!

Finally some pictures

Flickr: Philou 普风's photos tagged with engref

School has started again...

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Playing with Google earth around Zortea, where i'm gonna go soon.

I've found that picture that i can "simulate" with google earth:

kml for google earth

Here is a better view of the place:
the roads are displayed. funny details, the tunnel that appears on the mountain... (lower part of the picture)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Earthquake in Yunnan

Info for event usbjbf (on usgs):

Felt Reports:
At least nine people injured and 3,700 buildings damaged in Huize County. Felt at Chengdu, Panzhihua and Qujing.

Magnitude 5.2

Friday, August 5, 2005 at 10:14:48 PM = local time at epicenter

170 km (105 miles) NNE of Kunming, Yunnan, China
Location 26.565°N, 103.059°E

on Gmap satellite view

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Soirée chance: un concert de marcus miller avant d'aller se coucher

France inter - Night and day:

Le Jazz Pur et Dur souffle sur le JIM (Jazz in Marsiac) et emplie l'atmosphere des notes bleues Jazz Funk de Randy Brecker , Bill Evans et Marcus Miller .

Trop de la chance, ce soir: je lis mes feed rss dont celle de Liberation qui m'annonce un concert de ouf à Marsiac.... je me dirige alors de ce pas vers france inter qui passe en général ces concerts en direct....
Et me voilà en train d'écouter un fameux concert de marcus miller en personne. un pur bonheur!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2005

China 2020: A greener and leafier landscape

China 2020: A greener and leafier landscape:

China 2020: A greener and leafier landscape
By Liang Chao (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-08-01 05:28

Nearly a quarter of China will be forested by 2020, according to the State Forestry Administration (SFA).
Speaking in Beijing yesterday, one of the administration's top officials, Zhou Shengxian, said forest coverage will reach 23 per cent in the next 10 to 15 years, an increase of 5 per cent.

'The increase in forests will outpace what the country consumed or lost during the growth of its economy,' he said.

Zhou, director of the State Forestry Administration (SFA), said his agency has outlined a new strategy for the goal of pushing forward forestry development in the years ahead.

Addressing a televised conference in Beijing yesterday, he said new layouts have been set for planting trees throughout China with measures adjusted to local conditions.

'China's forestry development is now entering a turning point with six key programmes to protect natural forests, wildlife and natural reserves, to prevent soil from eroding and grassland from turning into desert,' Zhou said.

Forests have shrunk over the past few decades because of over-logging, he added, warning: "China's forestry industry still lags far behind its rapid economic growth. The present vegetation rate is only 61 per cent of the world's average."

Le Monde.fr : Nouveau plan ambitieux de reboisement en Chine:

La Chine espère avoir un quart de sa surface couverte par des forêts d'ici quinze ans et réhabiliter ainsi un territoire en partie détruit au profit des intérêts économiques, a indiqué lundi un haut responsable cité par la presse.

'La croissance des forêts va dépasser ce que le pays a consommé ou perdu pour la croissance de son économie', a affirmé le directeur de l'Administration d'Etat de la forêt (ministère), Zhou Shengxian, au China Daily.

Selon le quotidien officiel de langue anglaise, le gouvernement prévoit que les forêts recouvreront 23% du territoire grand comme 17 fois la France entre 2015 et 2020, contre moins de 20% actuellement.

'Le développement forestier de la Chine est à un tournant, avec six programmes de préservation des forêts et des réserves naturelles afin de prévenir l'érosion du sol et l'absorption des prairies par le désert', a ajouté M. Zhou qui s'exprimait lors d'une récente conférence à Pékin.

Des arbres à croissance rapide vont être plantés en nombre afin de répondre à la demande sans cesse en hausse de l'industrie du bois, a précisé le journal.

Environ un million de personnes seront impliquées dans les programmes de reforestation, affirme le gouvernement.

En janvier dernier, les autorités avaient reconnu que la déforestation continuait malgré la politique de reboisement qui a fait passer en cinq ans de 16,55% à 18,21% la surface plantée en arbres du pays.

Les forêts couvrent au total 175 millions d'hectares en Chine, et la surface de celles qui sont plantées par l'homme se place au 1er rang mondial, d'après le gouvernement.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Summer job

Posted by Picasa Catalogues, more and more catalogues every minutes.... we have to send more than 600 000 catalogues in 2 weeks. 3 teams are working.
Tuesday and wednesday we worked 8 hours because we were late. Otherwise, it's 7 h and it's more than enough.


miroir: papa
Originally uploaded by bbone.

Vu dans un miroir

Thursday, July 28, 2005

mo jian dao lei......qiang cai dao...

Street Peddlers' Song in Kunming / Chanson de Marchants Ambulants à Kunming

see the recording in my radio.blog (side bar of this page)

from 我的爱人:
"most of chinese hear the song, but nobody know how to write and the exact tones, even the seller..."

磨剪刀嘞, 饷(or 镪)菜刀
mo jian dao lei......qiang cai dao...
sharpening shears... sharpening knife...

"lei (嘞) is an additional character, but doesn't mean anything"

"磨abrading剪刀forfexes嘞, 饷(or 镪)abrading 菜刀 knives"

I've uploaded this sound to Freesound Project:
Of course, I geotagged it! (first geotag in Asia!)

and i got a mail (from a nice guy working on this website) to share that there is a sound with a similar purpose in spain... it's here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


After the free SkypeOut day (they give 0.2€ from time to time), SkypeOut is now celebrating its birthday by decreasing the price of my daily phone calls to china (mobile!). Isn't it great?!!!!!!!!!!
From 0.022 to 0.017€ (that's even more savings that free minutes)
Skype - The whole world can talk for free.
"6 new countries have been added to the SkypeOut Global Rate."
# China # China (Mobile)
# Greec # Taiwan
# Hong Kong # Hong Kong (Mobile)
# Poland # Switzerland

SkypeOut rates to several destinations changed

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mamie's new house

mamie devant sa maison
Originally uploaded by bbone.

We went to visit my Grandma's new house in La Mure. she hasn't moved in yet but will in a few month when the restauration will be finish.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tagzania - Tagging the planet

Tagzania - Tagging the planet:

Tagzania is about tags and places

it's with googlemaps of course...
Nice to build your "tagmap" and to share it. Here is mine

Google Maps Hybrid

Google Maps Hybrid (have a look!!!)
I like the Hybrid map! just great! (why do i keep being surprised?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

la Chine, «menace à long terme»

Libération : Washington redonne des couleurs au péril jaune:

La Chine a subi mercredi un double revers dans ses relations avec les Etats-Unis : le même jour, le Pentagone a qualifié pour la première fois la Chine de menace pour les intérêts américains en Asie, et la compagnie pétrolière américaine Unocal a rejeté l'offre de rachat de la société chinoise Cnooc pour lui préférer celle de l'Américain Chevron. Dans les deux cas, c'est la méfiance stratégique de Washington vis-à-vis de la puissance émergente chinoise qui est en cause.

Pierre Haski est revenu de vacance.... voir son blog

[update on july 21st]
Libération : Pékin réévalue (un peu) son yuan:

depuis des mois, les Etats-Unis, et dans une moindre mesure l'Europe, poussaient la Chine à réévaluer sa devise, le yuan, « accrochée » au dollar américain depuis une décennie. Après avoir longtemps résisté, les autorités chinoises ont finalement créé la surprise, jeudi soir, en annonçant une double mesure : la réévaluation de 2% du yuan par rapport au dollar, et surtout le fait que la monnaie chinoise sera désormais liée à un panier de devises et pas au seul billet vert américain.

L'ampleur extrêmement réduite de la réévaluation décevra assurément ceux qui, en particulier à Washington, estiment que le yuan est sous-évalué de 20 à 30%, donnant aux exportations chinoises un avantage compétitif supplémentaire par rapport aux produits « made in USA ». Les 2% de réévaluation — 8,11 yuans pour un dollar contre 8,28 depuis dix ans — ne changeront sans doute rien à la balance commerciale américaine et à son déficit abyssal vis-à-vis de la Chine.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"La guerre en Bosnie n'a servi à rien"

Libération : L'ONU doit «s'intéresser aux gens» pour mieux gérer les conflits et reconstruire:

On entend souvent la réflexion que la guerre en Bosnie n'a servi à rien.
Cette phrase, je l'entends partout. Dans de nombreux cas, elle s'explique par le fait que la situation sécuritaire est extrêmement précaire dans certains endroits. C'est un fait objectif. Si on regarde la vie dans les quartiers, dans certains villages, c'est difficile. Je comprends alors que les gens en viennent presque à regretter la guerre. Pendant la guerre il y a toujours l'espoir d'un après meilleur, même si la guerre est extrêmement dure. J'ai vécu des situations de guerre, notamment l'après le coup d'Etat en Haïti, c'est vrai que le quotidien est dur, mais on est porté parce qu'il y a une solidarité. Pour les gens qui étaient à Sarajevo, et je comprends tout à fait ce qu'ils vivent, il y avait une espèce de solidarité. Pour survivre, on se sert les coudes. Des liens forts se créent. Après reviennent les mesquineries...

"Béatrice Pouligny est docteure en sciences politiques et chercheuse au Centre d'études et de recherches internationales à Paris, spécialisée sur les opérations de paix et la construction des après-guerres." J'en avais déjà parler là.


MS. Forêt, Nature et Société (avec une option Forêt Tropicale)
(Mastères spécialisés)

Option Rural Forestry in Hot Regions

  • August 28th -> 1 week : Tour Alpes (Tende)
  • September 5th -> 1 month : Guyane (Kourou)
  • October 5th -> 3 months : Nancy
3 days "Martelage" (some thursday)
1 week tour: Sylviculture en Picardie-Ardennes
2 weeks investigation in a european country (in 2005, me: Switzerland, others: Germany, Danemark, Sweden)
  • January -> 3 months : Montpellier
including: 3 weeks "school trip" in Africa (in 2006: Cameroon) in February
  • April -> 6 months : Internship


Monday, July 18, 2005

Amy - Ryan Adams

listen to the radio.blog in the sidebar...

"I don't know why I let go
I want to be your friend
Flowers grow through my window and I love you again
Oh I love you oh
When you laid me down into your beautiful garden
Flowers in the love of my arms
Its God shining through to me I guess

Its God shining through to me I guess
I love you Amy

Do you still love me?
I go to the places where we used to
I feel sad
I am out here looking for you

Sometimes I pretend
Oh I miss you oh
When you laid me down
Into your beautiful garden
Flowers and the love in my arms
Is God playing evil tricks on me

Is God playing evil tricks on me
Oh I love you Amy

Do you still love me?"
Amy - Ryan Adams


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Forêt / Chine

Better World
Article du monde : ENVIRONNEMENT - La déforestation de la planète prend des proportions alarmantes
"La mauvaise gouvernance, la concurrence sauvage, les luttes de pouvoirs et une vision économique à court terme ralentissent les progrès. Surtout, la carte économique mondiale est en train de changer avec l'émergence de grandes puissances du sud, comme l'Inde et la Chine, très consommatrices de bois et dont il faut tenir compte dans la stratégie globale. Le marché chinois pour le bois industriel, la pâte et le papier est le deuxième du monde après les Etats-Unis. Une étude du WWF publiée en 2004 a fait apparaître que les plantations et les forêts chinoises avaient produit environ 79 millions de m3 de bois à usage industriel en 2003, soit moins de la moitié des 173 millions consommés par les industries du pays.
Selon le WWF, la Chine continuera à connaître un sérieux déficit dans ce domaine au cours des prochaines décennies, et devra mettre le turbo dans ses importations. Cette demande risque de stimuler le développement d'entreprises d'abattage forestier dans des régions frontalières sans contrôle, dit l'Alliance, entraînant une industrie parallèle illégale et dangereuse pour l'environnement."

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Maps and satellite imagery are now available on Google Japan

Lucky japanese... i've just noticed that google maps is available for japan now! take a look!!!!
(but no, i'm not the first one to notice:)
Technorati Search for: japan google maps
My Way Finance: article

Flickr discussion about a problem

After USA, after UK, here is Japan!
It is interesting to notice that it's not in english but in japanese.... so smart! But a way to translate would be nice. Yes, the people living in the country should be the first to be able to use the map, but then there has to be something done for people who doesn't speak the language. I'm thinking of the time when all the planet will be mapified in google maps..... what about the language? that's an interesting point that i didn't think about before.
interesting too: who thought japan would be next? there must be a reason behind,... a plan?!
Another very impressive thing is the speed that things are going...
I'm thinking about Map24. They have done a lot too. Many languages, many maps availble!
I'm still waiting for China ;-) but that won't be tomorrow!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Google Maps API on this web page...

Google Maps
Google Maps API on this web page... see at the end of the posts, down there! Unless you came here using "Internet Explorer" : looks like it's not working. i don't why. i'd like to find a way, it's not so easy...
plus, i'd like to add some stuff on that map.... some links to my photo, or other webpage. but that's not easy too...
oh well! another reason to use firefox.

[update] juillet 13th (ah oui! Bonne fête joël!!!!)
well, things are getting better, i just needed a little help, and i found it here.
it's pretty much what i had succeded to do already but now i can see it in Internet Explorer, not only in Firefox (which is a good think, right?) and the code is clean... maybe i'll be able to add some marker someday....
for some reasons, i can't add a link in the text box you see on the map.....

Friday, July 8, 2005

a good old (-looking?) website

Satellite Images: Lake Dian, Yunnan Province, China

Global coordinate is a nice website, i wish i have discovered this site before! Now, with Googlemaps and all the new websites that are being created, it looks old... but still, i'm happy to see some pictures, like this satellite view of kunming area (i had a hard time finding the north... actually i didn't see kunming at first!)

i found this site by using GeoUrl (it's done: "A Patchwork Planet" has a GeoUrl!). i can now find my virtual neighbours. All this began when i saw that blogwise (where i was already registered) had a new blogmap (they use googlemaps). (i still didn't check but i should be on it now!)

i took Kunming as a location because that's were my heart is! moreover, i'm gonna be moving a lot this year again and i know i'll end up in kunming (because i want to)....

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Réaction London 2012

ARTE radio.com : Réaction place de l'Hôtel de Ville à l'annonce de la ville retenue pour les Jeux Olympiques 2012
Enregistré à la volée, mis en ligne dans la foulée : la réaction place de l'Hôtel de Ville à l'annonce de la ville retenue pour les Jeux Olympiques 2012.
En France, l'important, c'est de participer...

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

GMS summit in KM

Yahoo! News Photo: "Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (3rd R) poses with Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra (R), Laos Prime Minister Bounnhang Vorachith (2nd R), Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen (3rd L), Myanmar's Prime Minister Lieutenent General Soe Win (2nd L) and Vietnam's Prime Minister Phan Van Khai during the Greater Mekong States summit in the southern Chinese city of Kunming July 5, 2005. Political leaders from the Mekong river region met in Kunming for a two day summit."

Monday, July 4, 2005

Barrage dans le Yunnan (Le Monde)

Le Monde.fr : Les barrages hydroélectriques, fléau moderne des minorités du Yunnan chinois: "On ne nous a rien dit sur nos conditions de relogement, dit le fils : on sait simplement que l'on risque de devoir quitter nos terres à cause du barrage qui inondera la région. Mais les cadres du parti nous ont mis en garde : "Ne répétez à personne, surtout pas à des étrangers, ce que l'on vous a dit, sinon, vous devrez en répondre devant les tribunaux !" Alors je ne vous dirai rien de plus. Pas mon nom, rien... Ne mentionnez pas le nom du village."

"On sait moins que, plus à l'ouest, sur le même fleuve, en amont et en aval d'une autre gorge, celle dite du "Tigre bondissant", huit barrages sont prévus sur la "rivière au sable d'or", (Jinsha jiang, le joli nom du Yangzi dans la région). Le Mékong, lui, a déjà été doté de deux barrages au Yunnan et six autres sont en projet. Sans compter donc, les retenues sur la Nu..."

"Le Mékong... C'est en utilisant l'exemple négatif d'un barrage sur ce grand fleuve que Yu Xiaogang, professeur à l'université du Yunnan, à Kunming, chef-lieu de la province, s'est attiré les foudres des autorités locales. Il fuit les journalistes, est menacé par les sbires de l'autocratie provinciale, mais il s'active. L'homme a osé faire un "reportage" sur le Mékong, où il a emmené des paysans du fleuve Nu pour leur prouver à quel point les barrages sont sources de misère."

Traduction de "tiger leaping gorge" - "虎跳峡" (?)
"la gorge du Tigre bondissant" = gorge du saut du tigre

"Ici, c'est la rivière Nu. Elle coule nord-sud, du Tibet vers la Birmanie, où elle devient la Salween. Le projet est de construire treize barrages sur le fleuve. La plupart des paysans n'en savent rien. Mais ils ont vu quelques barges d'ingénieurs en train, de ci de là, de faire des prélèvements sur la rivière pour jauger de la résistance minérale d'une région sujette aux tremblements de terre et aux glissements de terrains."

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Dans l'uni, l'uni, l'uni, l'uni, l'univers

Le retour de la musique sur ce blog! je ne pouvais plus mettre de morceau sur ma radio.blog (voir la colonne de droite) quand j'étais en chine (je ne sais pas vraiment pk.... impossible d'acceder à mon ftp)...


L'UNIVERS - Dick Annegarn

"Citoyens qui êtes de ce monde
Fils de terre et fille qui les fécondent
La terre n'est qu'un trou dans l'univers
Un nid de fourmis, un nid plein d'humains

Qui je le crois et vous avertis
Est à sa fin, sur son déclin
Bientôt on sera plus qu'un raisin
Dans l'uni, l'uni, l'uni, l'uni, l'univers

Est beaucoup plus vaste que l'on croit connaître
Que l'on croit pouvoir contenir dans nos sciences
L'univers est absolunivers et absolunique corpusculaire
Immensément grand

Relatif est notre avenir, relatif à son désir
Le désir du maître des êtres
Qui peut-être va nous faire disparaître

Relatif est notre avenir
Sa colére sera éphémére
Petit saut d'humeur et la terre ne sera plus que vapeur
Par Jupi, Jupi, Jupi, Jupi, Jupiter

Il se fâchera quand il s'apercevra
Qu'une petite sphére faite de mer et de terre
Va trop vite, sur son orbite
Il nous fera disparaître
Il nous fera qu'une pitch'nette

Mais moi j'aurai déjà disparu
Je m'éclipserai dés demain
Je m'en vais dés demain
Sur mon char, je me barre dardar

Je m'en vais
Je suis mon nez
Je vais loin"

Friday, July 1, 2005


geobloggers: "Network Link" - The Killer App for Google Earth

I put some of my flickr pictures on Geoblogger, and you can now see them if you go wander near yunnan on Google-earth....

you do have to add a "network link" (or just open the file proposed in the geobloggers' post!

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Google Earth - waow!

Google Earth – Explore, Search and Discovers

It's just too good...

(here's a view of Kunming.... Kunming is just the first place that's on my mind!)


gokunming.com : : "bringing the world to China's spring city"

Friday, June 24, 2005

François Lefort

Libération : Treize à quinze ans de prison requis contre le père Lefort" NANTERRE (Hauts-de-Seine) - L'avocat général a requis de 13 à 15 ans de réclusion criminelle contre le père François Lefort, prêtre et médecin, ancienne figure des milieux humanitaires accusé de viols et d'agressions sexuelles sur des mineurs au Sénégal et en France en 1994 et 1995."
" Le verdict de la cour d'assises est attendu dans la soirée ou dans la nuit."
" Tout au long du procès, l'accusé a catégoriquement nié les faits et dénoncé une machination.
Les six plaignants sénégalais ont répété à l'audience leurs accusations, de même que plusieurs témoins."

[Update] Le Monde.fr : La défense du Père François Lefort est piégée par ses propres témoins

Libération : Condamné à 8 ans d'emprisonnement

Top News Article | Reuters.co.uk : French "gutter priest" gets 8 years for sex abuse

Kunming 昆明

Kunming 昆明
Originally uploaded by songo155.

Kunming, I left you already. But i'll be back, i promise.

Yeah, Googlemaps is getting better and better...

I love flickr

sign - LVE
flopes_lCkay1hair salon R

Done with Spell with flickr

Conformisme dans les Grandes Ecoles

"...Entretiens que Libération a menés avec les responsables de onze grandes écoles de commerce et d'ingénieurs."
Libération : Des grosses têtes bien vissées sur leurs épaules: "Soumis ? Marie Reynier (Ecole nationale supérieure des arts et métiers) doute : «Ce n'est pas parce qu'ils se soumettent qu'ils abdiquent.»"

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finally some pictures.....

On Flickr

On MSN Space

More Google Maps...

Google Blogoscoped: "Google Maps now supports Europe and other parts of the world too"

Googlemaps update "This is my attempt to document some of the changes made by Google maps in their update from .3 to w2.4. "


Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Laurent Fabius et Nicolas Sarkozy

ARTE radio.com : Reportages, témoignages et bruits pas sages "Le référendum a parlé.
Deux hommes politiques s'en tirent bien, et se placent en tête pour l'élection présidentielle de 2007 : Laurent Fabius et Nicolas Sarkozy.
L'ennui, c'est qu'à les écouter, on pourrait les confondre. "

Monday, May 30, 2005

Presentation of our Final Year Project

Originally uploaded by antoine102.

In Kunming, on Monday, May 23rd 2005
University of Science and Technology of Kunming (Kunming Li Gong Da Xue)

Friday, May 27, 2005

same spot as previously... Posted by Hello

another version of my previous picture... Posted by Hello

other version on my flickr. this is in a kunming street... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

PFE: done!

Well, i've finished my final year project. It's still hard to believe for me as everything went so smooth. Well, i guess that's it: i'll just have to make sure i pass one of the 2 exams at the end of June and i'm done with Ensam.... should i be happy? i think the troubles are just starting ;-)

Momentum : New Joshua Redman's Album

allmusic ((( Momentum > Overview )))
Joshua Redman

Sunday, May 22, 2005


我很高兴。可以写汉字! 不容易,可是我喜欢。

Saturday, May 21, 2005

没关系 (echoes.blog-city.com)

words escape me (echoes.blog-city.com): "I think the people who translate 没关系 as 'it doesn't matter' miss the point. perhaps a better translation would be 'it sure as hell matters but there's nothing we can do about it. it has to not matter so we can stay sane.'"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Togo - Bénin

Courrier international : BENIN – TOGO - La terreur passe les frontières: "Des milliers de Togolais se sont réfugiés au Bénin pour échapper aux exactions du nouveau pouvoir en place à Lomé. Un régime qui terrorise encore plus que celui du président Eyadéma. Témoignages."

Patrons chinois et conditions de travail

Courrier international : SOUS-TRAITANCE - Les trucs et astuces des patrons chinois: "En Chine, dissimuler les véritables conditions de travail des ouvriers est devenu monnaie courante. Une fraude généralisée, destinée à tromper les multinationales, jugées trop tatillonnes sur les questions de droit social."
"Même Nike et Wal-Mart sont concernés "
(Alexandra Harney - Financial Times)

Dead cockroach

Hungry J Propaganda: entoethnology: "What are cockroach burial practices like? [...]
I ask because last night when I woke up to take a piss I stomped one good in my kitchen. It was dead. Not moving at all. I left it there, thinking I'd sweep it up in the morning.
Come morning, twas gone. Nothing to sweep.
I'm sure the tributes the other roaches gave deep in their lair were very touching. 'Crow sure knew how to scuttle away from light.'
How many pallbearers do you think there were? Would they have brought him down if he'd died by poison? How deep do cockroaches dig their graves?"

Funny, a similar thing happened in my house: my roomate left a cockroach dead (or almost) in the bathroom, wanting to show it to her boyfriend the next morning.
but the next morning, i woke up and used the bathroom (who wooldn't?), and i put the cockroach (still not very dead) away.
I know this one didn't get any tributes...
(and of course, my roomate was wondering about it)

Tunnel collapsed in Yunnan province on the railroad that connects the cities of Guiyang and Kunming

IOL: Asia: "A railway tunnel collapsed in southern China, trapping 12 rail maintenance workers who were communicating with rescuers via a ventilation pipe, the government said on Wednesday.

The collapse occurred on Tuesday night at around 10.30pm in Yunnan province on the railroad that connects the cities of Guiyang and Kunming, the official Xinhua News Agency said."

Child traffickers in Kunming

People's Daily Online -- Child traffickers given death sentence in NW China: "Four people convicted of abducting and selling 19 boys were sentenced to death Thursday by the Kunming Intermediate People's Court in southwest China' Yunnan Province."


Study: Usage of 'Laowai': "Study: Usage of 'Laowai'
Sinosplice | Archives | Laowai Time Warp: "Laowai Time Warp"

Funny stuff

The Rabbit Hole: 101 things not to say in China (angrychineseblogger.blog-city.com):
" Do you like China?
• Yes, but I preferred Taiwan
• I like ‘Chinatown’
• Yes, but I preferred it when the Brits/Japanese/Nationalists were running the joint
• Do you mean the ROC or the PRC?
• No, the communists ruined it
• No, it’s a poverty stricken totalitarian hole
• I’d like it even more if it wasn’t occupying Tibet
• I like the bits that aren’t aiming missiles at my sisters house in Taipei
• You would have liked the answer better if you had asked me in February
• ANY honest answer that starts with ‘No’ or include the words ‘but .... '

Correct Answer: Yes, it’s very big and has a wall/Yes, me very like like China."

Six Feet Under: cinquième et dernière saison

L'homme qui marche: Everything ends: "La nouvelle, cinquième et dernière saison de Six Feet Under est annoncée sur le site de HBO pour le 6 juin (aux Etats Unis). L'image mise en tête sur le site est très belle, et ne ratez pas le trailer: très beau aussi avec une musique bien dans la tradition des soundtracks de la série, c'est à dire excellente.(via Chryde)"

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kunming Thiefs

One of our teacher got stolen: leaving outside of the university, and on the first floor, it's almost not surprising! the thief went in by the window, taking care of the weak protection of the window (chinese quality?). He lost his computer with all his data, all his work... his mobile too... i've mention that to the chinese people i met that day and they all made the same comment: "there are too much people in china", "many poor people coming to the city from the countryside, so it's not surprising...many thiefs"
The thing that stroke me was the exact same reaction of the people, like it was something they were used to say, or maybe that they have learned to say....

Stupid stuff

qwantz.com - dinosaur comics - May 6th 2005

New "System of a Down" Album ((( Mezmerize > Overview )))

allmusic ((( Mezmerize > Overview ))): "Adjectives like 'ambitious,' 'jagged,' and 'startling' have always defined System of a Down, and their third official full-length is no different. Prerelease, the band described Mezmerize as being the first part -- the first side -- of what's essentially a double album. The records' packaging would even slot together, making the eventual Mezmerize/Hypnotize whole."

"Everybody is going to the party
Have a real good time
Dancing in the desert
Blowing up the sunshine"

More pictures

The same old guy as on one of my flickr picture... Posted by Hello

One more silhouette! Posted by Hello

Another version, see my flickr account... Posted by Hello