Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Google Base, Google analytics, Google sitemaps...

it's getting too complex for me. i don't really want to spend hours on this... although we can have good surprise.
I like to try the new services. if it's easy, great. if it's not, i just pass.
Just now, i've tried to submit the content of this blog (why? don't ask) on google base. had to follow instructions from a blog outside of google.

but i had submitted to Google analytics the other day. thought it was not working... but i've just tried to see the page, and actually it worked! it's pretty impressive, looks far better than my webstat4u !
they have a nice map, where you can see everything, or just one day.... great! wonder why they don't use googlemaps to display it.... it would be perfect!

as for Google sitemaps, maybe i should dig further. i thought we couldn't submit blogs....

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