Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fred Wesley's concert, without Fred Wesley (or, apology of the NJP)

NJP: Nancy Jazz Pulsation.
a week ago (Friday, October 21st), we (remi and me) had a nice evening at the NJP "funk explosion" night... too bad Fred Wesley didn't make it, it would have been perfect.

Fred Wesley is a star, for me anyway. i bought my ticket thinking i will have a "funky good time", listenning to its funny voice and its trombone solos. I didn't see that they did, but the festival announced at the last minute that he will not come (as a guest of the "groove collective" as it was planed). I saw some posters after the concert, not at the entrance. And nobody was able to inform me of what had happened. Seems to me that nodody cares of this.
i was thinking it wasn't very honnest from the festival and it appears later than i wasn't wrong.
well, ok, i've seen fred already (concert in geneva, july 2003). it's no big deal.

it's just that after the concert in the maggic mirror (with the crazy band from normay, called..... called Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band (pretty impressive band) and the amazing DJ MiSSiLL who was on fire....really, really good intro!), we met Fabio Morgera. Fabio is the talented trompetist who played with the groove collective. he was not announced by the NJP. (and still isn't on the NJP website... as the cancelation of fred wesley by the way).

Fabio was going back to its hotel and we were going back home. we easily had a chat with him and as he asked us where his hotel was, we had a walk until there. (from the place stanislas to the train station).

It was of course really cool to talk with a famous musician who has played with Norah Jones, Stephano di battista, among others (that i didn't know...). we bought his last album for 10 euros. i'm thinking about putting the song with Norah in my radio.blog (see in the sidebar). there is a Rahzel sample. maybe more than a sample... actually i'm not sure it's rahzel. my friend remi made me listen to some stuff from him recently and we recognize one tune. i'll put that too in my radio.blog... a live recording of the master of the human beat boxing. (looks like he is!)

The thing is, Fabio told us Fred Wesley coming as a guest was an old idea and that the festival shouldn't have made the announce. it wasn't really clear but i inderstood that he was not here to replace fred wesley although it could have look like he was. he would have liked to play with him but it hadn't been possible. and it wasn't a last minute thing. that's why i'm angry at the festival. it wasn't honnest from them.
I think they didn't want to announce another change: they already had to replace Saian Supa Crew. (that also made me not happy but at least i knew before buying the ticket). instead, there was Shaolin temple defenders, a band from bordeaux. (that played again the next day to replace another band!).

but what do i know?

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Philippe said...

ma critique envoyé (à valider) sur concertandco.com:

Concert sympa si je n'avais pas attendu Fred Wesley pendant toute la soirée. La direction a choisi de faire profil bas et on comprend (c'est vrai qu'apres tout, tout le monde s'en fout)
Donc voilà, Fred n'était pas là et personne nous avait prevenu. ouais, d'accord, y'avait 2 affiches au bar.
Fabio Morgera, le trompetiste italien (il a la double-nationalité, comme ça fait un moment qu'il est au states), heureusement, était là. (vous ne le trouverez pas dans la liste des musiciens present mais il etait bien là.... en remplacement de fred welsey?)
Musique très funk jazz avec des touches latino... le pied! super solo de congas. le batteur etait chaud aussi, un peu moin entreprenant peut-etre. Le niveau etait élevé et ça contrastait avec le première partie (les bordelais shaolin temple defenders qui nous ont quand meme bien fait bougé!).
Il faut aussi dire un mot sur l'after au magic mirror: un mix de missill, ça ne laisse pas indifferent! (www.missill.com)
ainsi que les norvegiens plutot atteint... (mike myers band)