Monday, May 30, 2005

Presentation of our Final Year Project

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In Kunming, on Monday, May 23rd 2005
University of Science and Technology of Kunming (Kunming Li Gong Da Xue)

Friday, May 27, 2005

same spot as previously... Posted by Hello

another version of my previous picture... Posted by Hello

other version on my flickr. this is in a kunming street... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

PFE: done!

Well, i've finished my final year project. It's still hard to believe for me as everything went so smooth. Well, i guess that's it: i'll just have to make sure i pass one of the 2 exams at the end of June and i'm done with Ensam.... should i be happy? i think the troubles are just starting ;-)

Momentum : New Joshua Redman's Album

allmusic ((( Momentum > Overview )))
Joshua Redman

Sunday, May 22, 2005


我很高兴。可以写汉字! 不容易,可是我喜欢。

Saturday, May 21, 2005

没关系 (echoes.blog-city.com)

words escape me (echoes.blog-city.com): "I think the people who translate 没关系 as 'it doesn't matter' miss the point. perhaps a better translation would be 'it sure as hell matters but there's nothing we can do about it. it has to not matter so we can stay sane.'"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Togo - Bénin

Courrier international : BENIN – TOGO - La terreur passe les frontières: "Des milliers de Togolais se sont réfugiés au Bénin pour échapper aux exactions du nouveau pouvoir en place à Lomé. Un régime qui terrorise encore plus que celui du président Eyadéma. Témoignages."

Patrons chinois et conditions de travail

Courrier international : SOUS-TRAITANCE - Les trucs et astuces des patrons chinois: "En Chine, dissimuler les véritables conditions de travail des ouvriers est devenu monnaie courante. Une fraude généralisée, destinée à tromper les multinationales, jugées trop tatillonnes sur les questions de droit social."
"Même Nike et Wal-Mart sont concernés "
(Alexandra Harney - Financial Times)

Dead cockroach

Hungry J Propaganda: entoethnology: "What are cockroach burial practices like? [...]
I ask because last night when I woke up to take a piss I stomped one good in my kitchen. It was dead. Not moving at all. I left it there, thinking I'd sweep it up in the morning.
Come morning, twas gone. Nothing to sweep.
I'm sure the tributes the other roaches gave deep in their lair were very touching. 'Crow sure knew how to scuttle away from light.'
How many pallbearers do you think there were? Would they have brought him down if he'd died by poison? How deep do cockroaches dig their graves?"

Funny, a similar thing happened in my house: my roomate left a cockroach dead (or almost) in the bathroom, wanting to show it to her boyfriend the next morning.
but the next morning, i woke up and used the bathroom (who wooldn't?), and i put the cockroach (still not very dead) away.
I know this one didn't get any tributes...
(and of course, my roomate was wondering about it)

Tunnel collapsed in Yunnan province on the railroad that connects the cities of Guiyang and Kunming

IOL: Asia: "A railway tunnel collapsed in southern China, trapping 12 rail maintenance workers who were communicating with rescuers via a ventilation pipe, the government said on Wednesday.

The collapse occurred on Tuesday night at around 10.30pm in Yunnan province on the railroad that connects the cities of Guiyang and Kunming, the official Xinhua News Agency said."

Child traffickers in Kunming

People's Daily Online -- Child traffickers given death sentence in NW China: "Four people convicted of abducting and selling 19 boys were sentenced to death Thursday by the Kunming Intermediate People's Court in southwest China' Yunnan Province."


Study: Usage of 'Laowai': "Study: Usage of 'Laowai'
Sinosplice | Archives | Laowai Time Warp: "Laowai Time Warp"

Funny stuff

The Rabbit Hole: 101 things not to say in China (angrychineseblogger.blog-city.com):
" Do you like China?
• Yes, but I preferred Taiwan
• I like ‘Chinatown’
• Yes, but I preferred it when the Brits/Japanese/Nationalists were running the joint
• Do you mean the ROC or the PRC?
• No, the communists ruined it
• No, it’s a poverty stricken totalitarian hole
• I’d like it even more if it wasn’t occupying Tibet
• I like the bits that aren’t aiming missiles at my sisters house in Taipei
• You would have liked the answer better if you had asked me in February
• ANY honest answer that starts with ‘No’ or include the words ‘but .... '

Correct Answer: Yes, it’s very big and has a wall/Yes, me very like like China."

Six Feet Under: cinquième et dernière saison

L'homme qui marche: Everything ends: "La nouvelle, cinquième et dernière saison de Six Feet Under est annoncée sur le site de HBO pour le 6 juin (aux Etats Unis). L'image mise en tête sur le site est très belle, et ne ratez pas le trailer: très beau aussi avec une musique bien dans la tradition des soundtracks de la série, c'est à dire excellente.(via Chryde)"

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kunming Thiefs

One of our teacher got stolen: leaving outside of the university, and on the first floor, it's almost not surprising! the thief went in by the window, taking care of the weak protection of the window (chinese quality?). He lost his computer with all his data, all his work... his mobile too... i've mention that to the chinese people i met that day and they all made the same comment: "there are too much people in china", "many poor people coming to the city from the countryside, so it's not surprising...many thiefs"
The thing that stroke me was the exact same reaction of the people, like it was something they were used to say, or maybe that they have learned to say....

Stupid stuff

qwantz.com - dinosaur comics - May 6th 2005

New "System of a Down" Album ((( Mezmerize > Overview )))

allmusic ((( Mezmerize > Overview ))): "Adjectives like 'ambitious,' 'jagged,' and 'startling' have always defined System of a Down, and their third official full-length is no different. Prerelease, the band described Mezmerize as being the first part -- the first side -- of what's essentially a double album. The records' packaging would even slot together, making the eventual Mezmerize/Hypnotize whole."

"Everybody is going to the party
Have a real good time
Dancing in the desert
Blowing up the sunshine"

More pictures

The same old guy as on one of my flickr picture... Posted by Hello

One more silhouette! Posted by Hello

Another version, see my flickr account... Posted by Hello

In addition to my new uploads in flickr... Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005


sunset: Definition and Much More From Answers.com: "The color of a sunset may be enhanced by atmospheric phenomena such as clouds, smoke and smog produced by natural processes or human activity, and by ash from volcanic eruptions. A number of eruptions in recent times, such as those of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 and Krakatoa in 1883, have been sufficiently large to produce remarkable sunsets (and sunrises) all over the world."

Friday, May 13, 2005

feedmap .net

feedmap .net (BETA) : Where Blogs Meet Maps one more map on this blog: didn't i tell you? i love maps....

Google Web Accelerator

Isaac Mao :Meta: "I just found that I can use GWA(Google Web Accelerator) in my office. I'm not sure if it's also avaible in my home. I can use it to access BBC news, as well any blogspot sites blocked by China's Great Firewall before. So cooooooooooool. "

More technical consideration on ice.citizenlab.org
"However, even when the connection is made through Google’s Accelerator, the originating IP is passed along to the host. [...] Google’s Accelerator does not provide anonymity and can be sucessful in circumventing censorship if the requested content is already cached by the Accelerator. Since al the traffic is is plain text it can be intercepted by any upstream intermediary (government, ISP, etc..) and any blocking done by keyword will also still be functional."

odd-fish.de - visual - Guangzhou Fishmarket

odd-fish.de - visual - Guangzhou Fishmarket
allright, here's a MUST SEE, and hear actually! well i can't say i'm sure i've seen it right, my connection is not good enough, but from what i can see, it's awsome! i'd like to do things like this....
use head phones (fab's advice).... couldn't play it in firefox but maybe you can if you have the quicktime plug-in!

Kunming Streets

Kunming Streets
Originally uploaded by Nathaniel Kelly.

Nathaniel Kelly: "I love this shot. The old man is a recycler: he trudges around all day picking up recyclables to swap for a few bucks for food. He had a graciousness and an air of dignity despite his poverty that unfortunately my camera wasn't really able to capture."

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

El coche, la chica ed el mar

el coche, la chica ed el mar
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My familly's picture on flickr, trip to CUBA!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Old and young

old and young
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still few pictures on flickr but so many on my msn.space (more will come on flickr later)

Monday, May 9, 2005

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Hungry J Propaganda

Hungry J Propaganda: "And the other thing is how my name is done. Now I have a Chinese name, that I still don't like: An Ping (which means roughly: keep things calm). People still ask why that's my name and I say that's what my teacher gave me. I am the equivalent of those Chinese girls named Pudding. "

Dan's article in "women of china"

"Wok Wonders:
The English Boy in a Chengdu Chef School"