Sunday, May 13, 2007

Márta Sebestyén: "Tavasz Tavasz"

I've already mention Márta Sebestyén music here when i discovered it in a Ghibli animation movie. One of the song I like is available for free on Last.fm so here it is:

Márta SebestyénTavasz Tavasz

It's not related in anyway to the last.fm update I blogged about yesterday. But my enthusiasm about Last.fm is not going down...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Last.fm: Huge update.

Last.fm just got better. A lot better.
I cannot hep thinking Last.fm just became the best music website ever, leading the game in this area... Others are far behind.
I mean, Pandora is going back (it cannot be used in France anymore, just in the states i think), Radio.blog is not going anywhere (from my point of view, i hope they'll surprise me soon...).

so what is so huge? You can finally include the music of your choice on your website/blog, thanks to the "playlist" and "widget" feature. It's still limited in the possibilities (just 1 playlist, but it's so easy to manage while browsing last.fm) but it's simple and efficient.

I'm impressed by what they have done and what's available for us now!
Not in French yet, it seems.

More about the new feature here. et En français aussi.

My last.fm profile
choose the english version, it seems improved compared to other languages.

One thing that is clear, things are evolving really quickly. The possibilities to find music on the web are getting really interesting.
Including a given track in a post is simple and easy with blogmusik:

The Version2 is very recent (and i forgot to mention it before) and is quite amazing.

God! Even there, they have a feature called "smart playlist" to find music you might like (the pandora way).