Thursday, May 19, 2005

Funny stuff

The Rabbit Hole: 101 things not to say in China (angrychineseblogger.blog-city.com):
" Do you like China?
• Yes, but I preferred Taiwan
• I like ‘Chinatown’
• Yes, but I preferred it when the Brits/Japanese/Nationalists were running the joint
• Do you mean the ROC or the PRC?
• No, the communists ruined it
• No, it’s a poverty stricken totalitarian hole
• I’d like it even more if it wasn’t occupying Tibet
• I like the bits that aren’t aiming missiles at my sisters house in Taipei
• You would have liked the answer better if you had asked me in February
• ANY honest answer that starts with ‘No’ or include the words ‘but .... '

Correct Answer: Yes, it’s very big and has a wall/Yes, me very like like China."

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