Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dead cockroach

Hungry J Propaganda: entoethnology: "What are cockroach burial practices like? [...]
I ask because last night when I woke up to take a piss I stomped one good in my kitchen. It was dead. Not moving at all. I left it there, thinking I'd sweep it up in the morning.
Come morning, twas gone. Nothing to sweep.
I'm sure the tributes the other roaches gave deep in their lair were very touching. 'Crow sure knew how to scuttle away from light.'
How many pallbearers do you think there were? Would they have brought him down if he'd died by poison? How deep do cockroaches dig their graves?"

Funny, a similar thing happened in my house: my roomate left a cockroach dead (or almost) in the bathroom, wanting to show it to her boyfriend the next morning.
but the next morning, i woke up and used the bathroom (who wooldn't?), and i put the cockroach (still not very dead) away.
I know this one didn't get any tributes...
(and of course, my roomate was wondering about it)

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