Thursday, October 27, 2005

What are you complaining about?

- they could give us a better view of our future: at least give us a provisional agenda.
- they should tell us when a class is canceled.
- they could tell us how much time we have to prepare our project (we had 16 hours that week, none this week, 4 next week...). how are we supposed to plan?
- they should put a clock in our classroom
- they should prepare the class connection to montpellier. we don't know anything about there.
- they should help us to find housing in montpellier.
- they could introduce nancy.

- i can't get an internet connection in my room.
- i can't connect my computer to the Internet connection of the school (why do i have a computer?).
- the computer configuration sucks: the internet explorer is not updated (IE 5.5: we can't see a google map... hopefully, i could manage to install (illegally) FF. i do have to start it everytime like it was the first time....).
- i'd like to use skype and be discret. they could open 2 computer rooms in self-service, it'd be easier.

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