Friday, January 25, 2008

It's coming!

...maybe soon!

via techcrunch.fr

J'ai pas mal d'admiration pour ce genre de gars. Quand on a pas de compétences techniques dans le développement informatique, ça semble inaccessible... si je continue dans ma voie de "consultant fonctionnel". Mais il y a certainement d'autres choses à faire à mon niveau...
Il faut que je me concentre sur ma "start-up".

Dans les commentaires de techcrunch, découverte de www.viteunvelib.fr. Excellent! je le mets dans mes raccourcis internet de mon tel pour les cas d'urgence...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Concert à Paris

Je reviens juste de la "Flèche d'Or". Il y avait un concert gratuit et j'ai pu voir un peu des prestations d'exsonvaldes et de Mangrove (je crois).

à compléter + tard.

La photo, c'est pas à la flèche d'or, mais à "la chapelle des lombards", lors du concert de l'atelier Salsa...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


7 pm. First day of work of 2008 is over. In the crowded metro with colleagues and nothing much to talk about. As I leave the last one, a twitter sms makes my phone vibrate in my pocket:
Oil hits $100 a barrel on first day of trading in 2008. Violence in Nigeria and Algeria lifted oil futures (newalert)
No Velib' available makes me turn back and decide to stay out and do something else than go back home.

Wandering around. Good various food. And a movie... just like a good consumers that I am. For my defense, the movie was not too bad and make you think about the world we live in...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Translating Frog stuff...

... from french to english, for chinese people...

Well, I found myself working on a translation of a zoology book. I did it for a friend of a friend from China. The subject was rather new to me: it was about frog species in south-west china. The book describe the difference between species of frogs.

Here is the frog description translation in english. (warning: not a full finished translation)

So if you wanna know more about Rana arnoldi and Rana chayuensis , Rana maculosa... here are some materials.

Well at least, the chinese person that needed it was very thankful.

Below the french book pages i got: