Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Welcome to The Nation

Welcome to The Nation: "Two small plants to replace Klong Dan"

tsr.ch - L'eau qui valait 3 milliards

tsr.ch - L'eau qui valait 3 milliards: "C’est l’histoire de la plus grande station d’épuration d’Asie, destinée à traiter les rejets industriels de la banlieue de Bangkok. C'est aussi l'histoire d'un incroyable scandale qui fait régulièrement la Une des médias."


courrierinternational.com: "L'annonce d'une convocation de la convention nationale était très attendue par les analystes qui guettaient un signe de la volonté du régime birman de mettre en oeuvre des réformes politiques "
"Confinée chez elle, Mme Suu Kyi n'en a pas moins mené des discussions discrètes mais régulières avec des représentants du régime sur le processus de démocratisation birman et les conditions de son éventuelle participation à la convention, selon de bonnes sources. Elle a aussi exprimé sa volonté de travailler avec le régime à une démocratisation."

Monday, March 29, 2004

Norah on European TV: Germany, France, England.......

video... germany show
found on:
Unofficially Norah Jones :: View topic - Norah on European TV: Germany, France, England.......
from amQhr

In the Morning

Unofficially Norah Jones - In the Morning: "In the Morning (Adam Levy)

I can't stop myself from callin'
Callin' out your name
I can't stop myself from fallin'
Fallin' back again

In the mornin'
Baby in the afternoon

Dark like the shady corners
Inside a violin
Hot like to burn my lips
I know I can't win

In the mornin'
Baby in the afternoon

I tried to quit you but I'm too weak
Wakin' up without you I can hardly speak at all

My girlfriend tried to help me
To get you off my mind
She tried a little tea and sympathy
To get me to unwind

In the mornin'
Baby in the afternoon

Funny how my favorite shirt
Smells more like you than me
Bitter traces left behind
Stains no one can see

In the mornin'
Baby in the afternoon

You're gonna put me in an early grave
I know I'm your slave whenever you call

I can't stop myself from callin'
Callin' out your name
I can't stop myself from fallin'
Fallin' back again

Fallin' back again
Fallin' back again
Fallin' back again
Fallin' back again"

what is it about? :-)

The Observer | Magazine | Keeping up with Norah Jones

The Observer | Magazine | Keeping up with Norah Jones: "You might think that Jones has the makings of a diva - the questions under the door at night, her request for a moratorium on interviews, the memorisation of reviews - but these are symptoms not so much of grandness as discomfort, a desire to find her own way without being so closely watched. The shoots, the press, the endless exhausted gigs are par for the course - she accepts that. But Jones is getting used to a new and very public job, a job she only wanted part of (the playing itself), but which she wouldn't dream of complaining about because she's a well-brought-up girl aware of her good fortune. "

Interview with Norah Jones before her first album

Interview with Norah Jones: "Jason: When can we expect the new record to be out?

Norah: It’s going to be out February 26th.

Jason: And what’s it called?

Norah: Come Away with Me.

Jason: Hey, I seem to recognize that song title.

Norah: Pretty cheesy, but …

Jason: That’s cool. Well, I’m really looking forward to playing the new record; looking forward to hearing more about you – it sounds like we’re going to, and I really appreciate you taking the time to be here with us.

Norah: Well thanks a lot. I enjoyed it.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Stumble Upon toolbar: The cool web site finder

Stumble Upon toolbar: The cool web site finder: "StumbleUpon is a completely new way to surf the web. It lets you channel-surf pages which your friends and peers recommend.

Available for Windows, Macintosh & Linux
We are a community-based, word-of-mouth approach to websurfing ; pages you 'stumble upon' come from like-minded people who share your interests. Add the Toolbar, choose some topics and click Stumble! You'll meet people who like your favorite sites as you discover the best of the web.

'I'm hooked on the thing, and rate it as the second most useful web browsing tool after Google itself' - PcPro"

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Journée internationale de la Francophonie

L'engagement en faveur de la diversité culturelle : "Langue officielle et de travail de la plupart des organisations internationales (ONU, Unesco, OMS...) mais également de l'Union européenne, des organisations régionales africaines et des Jeux Olympiques, le français est aujourd'hui la deuxième langue de communication internationale. Devant la tentation du monolinguisme anglais qui progresse sensiblement, la Francophonie s'emploie, au nom de la diversité linguistique et culturelle, à conforter et développer la place du français dans la vie internationale."

Chen Shui-bian

Chen, la bête noire de Pékin:"Victime d'un attentat hier, le président taïwanais a déjà exposé sa famille aux risques d'une carrière publique. Son épouse, Wu Shu-chen, reste paralysée des jambes depuis qu'un camion l'a renversée et écrasée en 1985. Le couple reste persuadé qu'il s'agissait, déjà, d'un règlement de comptes politique."

Friday, March 19, 2004

Amores perros (2000)

Amores perros (2000): "all in the name of love"
not bad...
i liked the old man, El chivo.... nice character! i found it very interesting. a lot more than the model woman and her dog ritchy!
and i found the girl who plays Susana very attractive (vanessa bauche), the new mother who has a bad husband (agressive and ... well bad...although he is working in a supermarket and seems to do it right), and a brother-in-law in love with her. Octavio is interesting too: first good impression, but we discover slowly that well.... he's not so good!

Second Nature by Alice Hoffman

Book Review: Second Nature: "In Alice Hoffman's 10th novel Second Nature Robin Moore is a divorced woman living on an island with her 16-year-old son Connor. Nothing is going right in her job as a landscape artist. Everything she touches seems to die.
Then one day while visiting her brother Stuart, a psychiatrist in New York City, she sees a man shivering on a bench. Hearing his plea, 'don't let them take me noplace,' Robin impulsively snatches him out of the jaws of danger and takes him home with her. Stephen, called the Wolf Man in the hospital, was three-and-one-half years old when his parents died in a plane crash in the Michigan wilderness. He was raised by a pack of wolves. Although this former feral child still recalls running free with his four-footed brothers, he is intrigued by his new life with Robin and her son. They tell neighbors he is a foreign exchange student studying horticulture.
In the spirit of Alice Hoffman's other novels, Second Nature has the vivid textures of a mesmerizing dream. This author's adult fairy tales draw us into the moist magic of mystery, passion, fear, and dread. Here we encounter the wild as something more than dark, ferocious, and dangerous. Stephen is capable of romantic feeling and caring for others. In addition, the Wolf Man helps Robin and Connor get in touch with unopened rooms inside themselves.
There are several poetic scenes where Hoffman builds bridges to the animal kingdom and holds up a mirror so we can see our own bestial nature. In these scenes, a shiver of strangeness signals the startling originality of her writing. Second Nature is a remarkable novel."

I really liked the book. I enjoyed it till the end and i couldn't put the book away. I had to read more as soon as I could.
I do have some regret about the overall impression though: now that it's finish I feel like things are missing in this book. I'm thinking for example of the dialogs. I would have liked to hear Stephen more than we do. ok, maybe it is very quiet but he has so much to say! It's also maybe because when I read in English, I enjoy dialogs more than in French as it's easier to understand. I appreciate the numerous reference to nature in the book, even if I certainly not understood everything!
And I wouldn't have seen Roy come back. By the way, we can notice that the 2 main couples who are not anymore, are having a second chance at the end of the movie... How optimist :-)... "Happily" Connor and Lydia doesn't end up together though they were so confident of themselves!
after a few reflexion, I just think it was nice to read as I enjoyed it very much but not a real good book who leaves unforgettable feelings :-)

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Han Dynasty @ National Geographic Magazine

Han Dynasty @ National Geographic Magazine: "Many of us recognize the black-and-white circular yin and yang symbol. But where does it come from? And what is the philosophy behind it? The roots of this philosophy grew in ancient China around the third century B.C. as an attempt to explain the cyclical nature of the universe. During the Han dynasty many people believed that a single principle, composed of two opposing forces, yin and yang, compelled change in the world.

Yin does not exist without yang. Each completes the other. Yin represents the dark, passive, female principle, and yang the light, active, male principle. Alternating pressures of yin and yang exist in a harmonious balance, like the waxing and waning of the moon, or the ebb and flow of the tide. Life and death can be explained as an unceasing cycle, just like seasonal plants flower, decay, and enrich the soil for future plants and trees.

The Han wanted to make philosophical sense of the natural world. At some point yin and yang cosmology blended with another school of thought, which viewed the world in terms of five distinct elements. These five elements-metal, wood, water, fire, and
earth-represented the five forces of the natural world. It was thought that the alternate pressures of yin and yang occur within these five stages. The Han tried to understand change in the physical and celestial worlds so they could better explain reversals in the human world.

Yin and yang philosophy still permeates Chinese thought today in areas like astrology, literature, art, and medicine.

-Christy Ullrich"

Saturday, March 13, 2004

21 Grams (2003)

21 Grams (2003): "How much does life weigh?"

Concert in Cph

Collective guide for cultural events, music, theatre and exhibitions - Find it all on KultuNaut: "The largest electronical culture calender in Denmark"

yesterday we went first to the rust to see Maria Viskonti. nice concert. she made us think of alanis morissette and norah jones.... but her voice were special... i would say country voice. and she does have many country sound songs!
Then we went to La Fontaine for Live Jazz. The Organizers... Funky Soul Jazz were playing and it was really good... i think the name of the sax was Bob Rockwell. it was a trio and there were all very good.
it was very nice evening. but i wish i had seen östblocket in Etnorama... i mean balkanbrass! it must be good!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Kiki's Delivery Service / VISBY

I've watch Miyazaki's anime and i swear: a view (the one kiki is looking out, in front of the bakery) of the city in it made me think about visby, in sweden. i've been there in september 2002.
well, i was amazed to see that Miyazaki did go to Visby and it inspired him for some sceneries!!!
(Stockholm is also one model too and i could see that afterwards, i've been to that Gamla Stan too...)
FAQ // Kiki's Delivery Service // Nausicaa.net: "Q: Where is Kiki's town, Koriko?
According to Miyazaki, it's 'a mishmash of various locales, like Napoli, Lisbon, Stockholm, Paris, and even San Francisco. Therefore, one side is like the shores of the Mediterranean sea, but another side seems to border on the Baltic sea.' Miyazaki and his main staff visited Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland, and they also visited Stockholm. They shot 80 rolls of film in Stockholm and Visby, gathering location images as inspiration for the scenes in Koriko. For the most part, Koriko is composed of images of Stockholm. A side street in Stockholm's old city, Gamla Stan, is one model.
Sweden was the first foreign country Miyazaki ever visited. It was for the 'Pippi Longstockings' project, back in the 1970s. The trip didn't achieve its purpose (getting permission from the author of 'Pippi'), but Visby apparently left a strong impression on him, so he later used its images in 'Kiki'."

Photo de visby

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

end of the first season

Fisher & Sons: The "Six Feet Under" Fan Megasite: "Gabe didn't OD by accident. He did it on purpose, I think.
Gary: Well, most ODs aren't really just accidents.
Claire: Right. So what can I do as the friend of a person who would do something like that? LIke, I know all the 'I can't save him' stuff, and I went to the websites, and it's all like what you can't do, so what can I do?
Gary: Try not to make yourself invisible.
Claire: This isn't about me.
Gary: That's not a very good start, is it?"

Nate: I finally find a woman I want to commit to, and she makes it totally impossible.

Ruth: You think that's a coincidence?

Nate: What's that supposed to mean?

Ruth: Maybe if she made it easier, you wouldn't be so eager. (tastes pasta sauce) I need more garlic. (back to NATE) You've always been bored with the girls you could have, fascinated with the ones you couldn't.

Walter: The church rejects homosexual practice as incompatible with Scripture.

David: So, because of their random genetics, gay people should be denied any romantic or sexual love?

Walter: That is liberal claptrap! It's not genetics! It can be overcome!

David: Walter, the only way that you could possibly know that for sure is if it's something that you overcame! (CONNIE smiles.)

Walter: And the only way you couldn't know it is if it's something you're not strong enough to overcome. Are you gay, David?

David: Yes.

Tracy: Why do people have to die?

Nate: To make life important. None of us know how long we've got, which is why we have to make each day matter, and it sounds like your aunt Lillian did exactly that.

Tracy: Yes, she did.

Nate: Then you can be happy for her--for a life well-lived. That's the most any of us can hope for.


some pictures of thailand...



this should work:

Monday, March 8, 2004

Stéphanie en guinée. Mars 2004

Politesse, crachat et savoir-vivre... : "Si l’homme s’habitue à tout, alors je suis une fleur."
A lire! vraiment. Elle est vraiment formidable. j'apprécie ces textes un peu plus à chaque fois...
1 fois tous les 2 mois.

FuriKuri en français

FuriKuri: "Les scripts sont des traductions (réalisées par moi-même...!) des scripts anglais disponibles sur le net (eux-mêmes tirés directement des sous-titres des DVD japonais)"
un bon dossier sur l'anime... ça aide...

Sunday, March 7, 2004



I've just heard an acoustic version of "my hero"... and well, it's really good... this Dave Grohl is really amazing.
what about his drumming on Queen of the stone age's songs for the deaf? i mean, come on! this intro on "song for the dead" is so cool...
i can't wait next time i'll hear from him again.

[My Hero]
Too alarming now to talk about
take your pictures down and shake it out
truth or consequence say it aloud
use that evidence race it around

There goes my hero
watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
he's ordinary

Don't the best of them bleed it out
While the rest of them peter out
Kudos my hero leaving all the best
You know my hero the one thats on


episode 1: "The time: the present... perhaps.
The place is an outlying city called Mabase, from which grows the gigantic Medical Mechanica plant.
Nandaba Naota, a smart-aleck schoolkid, gets sideswiped by a Vespa on his way home with his brother's girlfriend, Samejima Mamimi.
When he gets home from school the next day, he finds the woman on the Vespa from the day before in his living room. Naota is stunned as he listens to his father explain that he has just hired her as their new housekeeper. She tells him her name is Haruko.
Naota doesn't know how to react to the fact that he and Haruko are suddenly living under the same roof.
And then there's the mysterious robot that suddenly appears before Naota when he goes out into the night for Mamimi.
Things get strange very quickly..."

Friday, March 5, 2004

Claude Nougaro

Claude Nougaro

Hoshi no koe

I've seen that anime recently. actually, last year... i had seen the preview of another movie of this Makoto Shinkai called "Kumo no mukou, Yakusoku no basho" = "Beyond the clouds, The place promised in our early days"... and this preview is scary...

From a blog:
Makoto Shinkai, the person behind Hoshi no Koe has something new coming out in 2003. If your browser can support the Japanese language, take a look at The place promised in our early days.
Check out the links near the bottom for the trailer.
Looks like Makoto Shinkai's style all right. The character designs look like they are by Tazawa Ushio of http://www.goddog-pro.com/dogstyle/dogstyle.html who did the 14th annual DoGA CG Anime Contest (Japan) winner Life no Color. Tenmon is doing the music. Just the three of them made this thing.
The trailer is so good, it is scary. I think Makoto Shinkai is a master. His work gives me hope that I can make something similar and also fills me with despair that I could never achieve such greatness.
Posted by izumi at December 26, 2002 11:33 PM

Another blog:
"This will be a painful and beautiful film. The trailer is wonderful and I feel that imaginative power in myself is stimulated just by seeing it. I cannot wait for its premiere.
Its premiere date is stated as "[by the end of the 2003 by the spring of 2004] by the autumn of 2004" for now.
(The release date was changed on September 24 and December 24.)"

Hoshi no koe - Introduction: "L'an 2039, une époque à la fois si éloignée et si proche de nous. La technologie nous permet désormais de voyager à travers l'immensité de l'univers mais pour autant ne résoud pas les problémes de confrontations avec l'inconnu. Une race d'origine extraterrestre a détruit une base terrienne située sur Mars et ainsi déclenché une guerre dont le théatre des opérations est l'immensité de l'espace.

L'an 2046, Noboru et Mikako sont deux collégiens, amis depuis longtemps ils partagent énormément d'idées et projets d'avenir, les yeux rivés vers le ciel et ces énormes vaisseaux qui s'envolent vers les étoiles.
L'an 2047, Mikako entre dans les forces de défense terrienne et devient pilote d'un robot de combat alors que Noboru continue ses études sur terre.

Ils maintiennent le contact à l'aide de leurs portable au moyen duquel ils s'échangent des emails se racontant leurs vies réciproques dans leurs environnements respectifs. Mais les combats s'intensifiant, le camp terrien commence à prendre l'avantage sur l'ennemi et il est décidé de tenter une percée sur la planéte mère de l'ennemi située à 8 année-lumières de la terre. Mikako est intégrée à cette vague offensive, la flotte de vaisseau cargo part pour l'orbite de Pluton, limite extrème du système solaire afin de se mettre sur la ligne de lancement hyperespace.

Alors que la flotte est en vue de Pluton, une troupe ennemie passe à l'offensive sitôt contrée par les troupes terriennes lancées en défense. Le combat est soutenu et Mikako rejoint de justesse le cargo qui saute dans le tunnel hyperespace immédiatement, Mikako à le temps d'envoyer un message à Noboru mais celui-ci mettra 1 an à atteindre la terre suite à l'effet de distortion espace-temps.

La distortion espace-temps et l'énorme éloignement font que Mikako et Noboru ne peuvent plus communiquer que par espacement de plusieurs mois, bientot années. L'attente du message suivant devient pour les deux de plus en plus difficile alors qu'au fur et à mesure ils en viennent à se demander s'il ont fait le bon choix. Alors que Noboru continue sa vie d'étudiant puis d'officier, Mikako elle ne vieillit pas, elle n'est pas affectée par le temps, celui-ci étant aboli durant son énorme voyage, mais la séparation devient bientot insupportable pour eux."


Crosssroads: "This episode is aptly named 'Crossroads,' and not just because of the name of the program Claire attends. As with most episodes, the person who dies at the beginning stands as a symbol for the theme of the show. Chloe Yorkin was at a major crossroads in her life, having just completed her divorce proceedings. She could have gone on to a great rebirth, a new life for herself. Instead, she acts stupidly, and wastes her opportunity. She gets drunk and literally loses her head. Similarly, all the characters in this episode are at a crossroads in their life. They can either sink or swim, give into foolish behavior or not. She is a warning to them, to whom they do not listen. Fortunately, they don't end up like her. Nate reaches a crossroads in his relationship with Brenda. His decision to get stoned almost jeapordizes their future. Fortunately, he is able to make up for it. Claire reaches her own crossroads, becoming friends with Parker. Her decision to bring pot on the trip and get high with Topher almost ruins her future. But Dave doesn't tell anybody. David does not do drugs in this episode (that happens next week), but in this one he does begin to act differently, to play with fire. This is a trend that will continue. Meanwhile, Ruth jeapordizes her future with Hiram by fantasies of Nikolai, but perhaps that is not a bad thing in that situation..."

Crossroads episode

well, i really like that show.
Fisher & Sons: "Six Feet Under": "NATE knocks on the door and opens it.
Nate: My only defense is I think I was hallucinating. That and the thought of you with another man makes me crazy. Sorry. I'm just a guy that way. So, where's Connor?
Brenda: Oh, God, I threw him out. There's only so much of him I can take.
Nate: So you forgive me?
Brenda: Sure. Why not?
Nate: Good. Now it's your turn.
Brenda: You want me to apologize?
Nate: Yes... For trying to use Billy's meltdown and Connor's visit to push me away. For being impatient with my very valid emotional response to each one, and for always asking me to adjust my behavior and feelings but never be willing to do that yourself.

Brenda: OK. That's fair. I apologize.
Nate: Part of you wants me to bail.
Brenda: Yeah. You're probably right.
Nate: Why?
Brenda: Because I've already gone further than I have with anybody since--(stops herself) since a long time ago. Because every time I've ever believed in a happy ending, I've gotten severely fucked. Sorry.
Nate: Well, do me a favor. Promise me from here on out, I am the only man in your bed and in your life. (BRENDA laughs.) I'm serious, Bren. Promise me.
Brenda: I promise.
Nate: I love you, and I wanna be with you for the long haul, but there is a limit to the amount of shit I will put up with.
Brenda: Did you just make me a lifetime commitment, right before the thinly veiled threat of abandonment?
Nate: Well, I don't remember using the word 'lifetime.' (smiles)
Brenda: Well, I wouldn't hold you to it. (smiles) Sorry I'm so weird about intimacy. I guess spending your childhood getting picked apart by behavioral psychologists will do that.
Nate: Well, not being able to sleep at night because your basement's full of dead people takes its toll, too."

Monday, March 1, 2004

Not going anywhere

Not Going Anywhere:

This is why I always wonder
I 'm a pond full of regrets
I always try to not remember rather than forget

This is why I always whisper
When vagabonds are passing by
I tend to keep myself away from their goodbyes

Tide will rise and fall along the bay
And I'm not going anywhere
I'm not going anywhere
People come and go and walk away
But I'm not going anywhere
I'm not going anywhere

This is why I always whisper
I'm a river with a spell
I like to hear but not to listen, I like to say but not to tell

This is why I always wonder
There's nothing new under the sun
I won't go anywhere so give my love to everyone

Tide will rise and fall along the bay
And I'm not going anywhere
I'm not going anywhere
People come and go and walk away
But I'm not going anywhere
I'm not going anywhere

pas facile de trouver ces paroles... et pas grand chose sur le net à propos de keren ann.... le site semble un peu vieux... à noter quand même les live dispo (chercher dans "tentation" à droite)