Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kunming's Zoo

I finally visited my neighboors... the animals of the Zoo. The sky was amazingly blue today and the view was so bright, I had to go out in this green hill in front of my home.

So my neighboors are birds, monkeys, elephants, lions. Some look very depressed and I don't really wanna see them again, but some were quite nice. I'm thinking of the Lion (maybe because I feel related, being born in the end of july, or maybe, just because he was eye-catching)
From Zoo

I still don't know who are the noisy ones in the morning. I can hear them shouting (or is that singing?) from home quite often. and it could be birds or monkeys. I'm not sure.

Entrance is 10 kuai. Lots of people go there to play Mahjong in the shadow of the bamboos. I guess they don't pay. Will ask next time.