Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ecologie en France

politicshow the french politic show : politique lyrics: Emission Spéciale > Soirée débat : l'écologie politique

Serge Orru - Directeur général du WWF
Philippe Desbrosses - Intelligence Verte
Philippe Quirion - Réseau Action Climat
Michèle Rivasi - CRII-REM
Daniel Richard - Président du WWF
Dominique Voynet - Candidate à la Présidence de la République - Les Verts
Corinne Lepage - Candidate à la Présidence de la République - Cap 21
Nicolas Hulot - électron libre (et think tank "comité de veille écologique")
Alain Bougrain-Dubourg - LPO
Dominique Belpomme - scientifique
Jean-Marie Pelt - scientifique
Gilles-Eric Séralini - scientifique
Julien Sage - Fac Verte
Yann Werhling - secrétaire national des Verts
Eric Delhaye - Porte-parole de Cap 21

et Denis Cheissoux, France Inter

Friday, September 15, 2006

Kenny Garrett


"URBAN JUNGLE" Feat:Kenny Garrett & Roy Ayers.
i was emailed this by the guy who posted the video on youtube. Great stuff!

Kenny Garrett Interview about new album.

Beyond The Wall [...] inspired by Chinese music and philosophy.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Snack food in China

Very good article again on chinadialogue.net about Food Safety.

small interesting introduction on snack in China:
China's food fears (part one) | 中国的食品安全恐慌(第一部分): "Perhaps the biggest difference between food in the West and in China is that Chinese people like to eat lots of little snacks whereas Westerners prefer one ‘main meal’. In the West, restaurants and fast food outlets produce standardised meals, where quantities are strictly regulated. But the Chinese have a long history of eating snacks. Traditionally an agricultural country, when farmers went out onto the fields, they would bring snacks with them to eat and to share with friends, or would swap them with farmers from neighbouring villages. The quality of the snack was important – it would indicate how skilful the wife was in the kitchen and help the family to maintain their ‘face’. So over the centuries the quality of these snacks became better and better, so that gradually, all over China, one could find snacks that were both delicious and safe. "

Then, it is about Pickle... Sichuan Pickle. Made here in Chengdu. very interesting as well! I will be thinking about this article every meal for a while!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sichuan wiki.... well, not exactly but...

Interesting use of a wiki by american exchange students in Sichuan University!
Main Page - UW-SichuanWiki: "Welcome to the wiki of the University of Washington-Sichuan University Research Exchange.

This website is the compilation of wisdom from previous exchange students who have volunteered to share their knowledge with others in hopes to make their time in the exchange more productive and more enjoyable. We have specifically compiled this information in wiki format so that it is easily accessible and future students can continue to contribute. The wiki philosophy is that everybody has the freedom to share information. If you see a mistake on these pages or something lacking, then jump right in and edit it!"

Photoblog / Huajiao

Check this photoblog for pictures of rural area in Sichuan. Nice captions! (couldn't leave my comment but will try again later)
Dan's China Days: Policy in practice:

"The municipal leader of He'ai town, a single mother, with her only child. The town meeting hall behind her is emblazoned with the slogan, 'Carrying out the One-Child Policy is China’s basic national policy'"

Dan's China Days: Huajiaoping village: a difficult life: "One of village's few sources of income is the sale of huajiao (known in the West as Sichuan peppers, and after which the village is named), for which they can earn six yuan per kilogram"
wow, that's cheap huajiao! Carrefour is helping selling huajiao from communities living around the Nature reserve in Minshan area (sichuan), in partnership with a WWF project.

wow, that's cheap huajiao!
Final price this year is around 100 yuan per kilo in Carrefour. It's very high this year because of poor weather and good quality (sic). Farmers can get more than 50 yuans.

HuaJiao (Sichuan Pepper)
Originally uploaded by Philou.cn.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Suez/GDF: article du monde diplo

A lire:
Suez va-t-il avaler Gaz de France ?:
"Le 7 septembre, le gouvernement de M. Dominique de Villepin a soumis à l’Assemblée nationale un projet de loi pour la privatisation de Gaz de France (GDF) afin de permettre sa fusion avec Suez. Pourtant M. Nicolas Sarkozy, alors ministre des finances, avait assuré en 2004 : « Je le redis avec force : conformément aux engagements du président de la République et du gouvernement, EDF et GDF ne seront pas privatisées (1). » Le projet de loi supprime l’obligation pour l’Etat de détenir au minimum 70 % du capital de GDF. Celui-ci pourra ramener sa participation au sein du nouveau groupe à 34 %. A quelques mois de l’élection présidentielle, ce transfert au privé du contrôle de l’un des derniers grands groupes industriels publics inquiète jusqu’au parti majoritaire, l’Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP).

En dépit du résultat du référendum du 29 mai 2005, indice d’une opposition populaire aux orientations libérales des gouvernements européens, l’un des premiers actes du premier ministre nommé au lendemain de ce scrutin, M. de Villepin, a été de confirmer l’entrée en Bourse de GDF, puis d’EDF. Le 25 février 2006, sur fond de manifestations contre le Contrat première embauche (CPE), M. de Villepin a dévoilé le projet de fusion de GDF avec Suez. Depuis, le groupe privé n’a pas ménagé ses efforts pour convaincre les parlementaires. Au point d’inviter certains de ces représentants du peuple à assister, en juillet dernier, dans les loges privées de Suez, à la finale de la Coupe du monde de football…


Je n'avais pas remarqué le "carnet" du Monde Diplomatique qui resssemble à un blog. J'aime bien! Je crois qu'ils appellent ça "*La valise diplomatique". Pas mal du tout.
Et moi qui est reçu ça dans mon Gmail... Bien sûr, il faudrait s'abonner pour les supporter.

"Plus que jamais, au milieu des turbulences que
traverse la presse française, les abonnés sont
les meilleurs garants de notre indépendance.

Soutenez-nous, abonnez-vous :

Lecteurs solidaires :

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Streaming music websites...

This website called blogmusik is quite nice. it seems people have been talking about it since July 13th.

It is interesting that it actually takes the Radio.blog database. without mentionning it for now. maybe, this new website is not only taken its music from there. But where else could they take the music from?

I suspect the website to french, because of its french version and because french blogs talking about it are numerous. Also, on the radio.blog forum, there is a thread in french about it. couldn't find one in english.

The good thing about this website is the ability to get a link for a song and share it easily. For example, here is one: http://www.blogmusik.net/?urlIdSong=102397
I could get this link very quickly.
I've blogged here tracks from Radio.blog before but blogmusik will be more easy for beginners.

Then, here i wanted to blog the track so you can listen to the song directly, without leaving this site, but radio.blog is down for maintenance....

About the song:
Well it's a new song from JJ, to me. it's about the 3Rs, yes: Reduce Reuse, Recycle!!! cool song.
3Rs by Jack johnson

Also, I could find this link using google, i couldn't find how to access it from the page.

Now it's on Techcrunch!

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

My free Tripper Map

Get your own Flickrmap!

I knew this website but didn't know they made a free version. they support the new flickr geo-service, which is cool.

Friday, September 1, 2006

aaah! Elaine!

Nice news from Elaine...
"Seinfeld" veteran Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins Emmy | Reuters.com: "Former 'Seinfeld' co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the Emmy Award as best actress in a comedy on Sunday for playing a divorced mom looking for love on her new CBS show 'The New Adventures of Old Christine.'

Louis-Dreyfus, who played self-absorbed Elaine Benes for nine years on NBC's smash hit 'Seinfeld,' is the first of that show's cast to find success in her own prime-time series, after previous solo attempts by former co-stars Michael Richards and Jason Alexander flopped.

She previously won the Emmy as best supporting actress in a comedy for her work on 'Seinfeld.' Her first return to series TV, starring as a nightclub singer on NBC's 'Watching Ellie,' failed to get off the ground."

The show: