Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No Recourse: Upper Mekong Dam Spells End for Tibetan Village

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Cizhong, a remote Tibetan village in China’s Yunnan province, has no recourse against the onslaught of impacts from the construction of the Wunonglong dam on the Upper Mekong River. This year has seen no pause in activity from civil society … Continue reading

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Exclusive: Xiaomi - " The Apple Of China" - Will Launch In Africa In Sept

via Toby Shapshak - Forbes http://ift.tt/1U3IbsV : The most successful cellphone maker in China, Xiaomi, has announced its long-anticipated arrival in Africa next month.The continent has been the fastest growing mobile region for the past five years, and saw Q1 smartphone sales surge to 47%. Known as “the Apple of China” Xiaomi have aggressively grown their market share [...]

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Xiaomi users in China will get the next killer mobile feature: on-demand roaming data

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Ahead of the global launch of its new Android-based OS MIUI 7, Xiaomi announced the Chinese version of its mobile software yesterday with an exclusive feature users around the world will want — on-demand roaming data. When you travel abroad, MIUI 7 creates a virtual local SIM card based on your location, so you can use mobile data at an affordable rate and without the need to switch carriers. Xiaomi says its average price for data roaming is about $0.02/MB (RMB0.10/MB). The new feature lets you automatically enter international roaming mode when traveling abroad. Plus, you can whitelist apps to…

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未来昆明城市交通 将有这些重大改变!

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