Wednesday, October 12, 2005

MapABC, Google maps for china

I was curious about this website where you could get a "googlemaps-like system" displaying some cities in china.
But as it is in chinese (and my chinese is limited) and that i couldn't find anything more about it than "you can get 100 something city map"... i got to play with it and find by myslef.
Yes, i knew how to write KunMing in chinese character. but i had to put another character for the business. i just did, with a character i didn't even know, and it worked.

I was happy to see that the maps were quite nice. i could "visit" Kunming, a city i know. I even found some english names for some coffee that doesn't have a chinese name.

Here is my zoom process: (click on the pictures to see the details)

You can see all china!

This is Yunnan view....


I zoomed around the green lake park, near the yunnan university.
There is a place called Teresa, a restaurant where i've been once.

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