Monday, May 31, 2010

Great way to access Twitter and Facebook from China

Both Twitter and Facebook are blocked in China but so far, Brizzly hasn't been blocked and it works.

in reference to: * Brizzly / philou (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, March 1, 2010

On Yunnan TV with June 朱婧

Hey, maybe that deserves a blog post?!

I was on TV with June 朱婧! She's a chinese pop singer from Yunnan but living in Beijing. My friend asked me if I wanted to do this TV 2 minutes yunnan tv's special spring festival performance on drums and so it happened. On a friday evening, I went to June's friend house in Kunming, met her and her friends for the 1st time and recorded my instrument over the song. Of course, we were going to do play-back. I
From Playing music in Kunming
took my djembe but finally a friend there had this drum from Nepal and the sound was pretty good so that's what I used. It was also easier to walk with it. So we did several take to record my instrument, they had done so in the afternoon already for the other instruments: accordeon, violon, mandoline... turns out you can't hear much the difference from the original song. That's because the TV wanted a good quality sound track i guess, and we did the recording very quickly.
Anyway, on sunday afternoon, we did a fake recording with strange cloth. The director didn't like it so we did it with simpler cloth on Monday for the real recording.
Then, the show was on TV sunday night, February 14th:

And June had this video on her blog where she presents her "special band":

Well, it was a cool experience. I was certainly delighted to meet June who was very nice. I have been listening to her CD for 1 year as you can see from my 1st tweet about June.

More pictures here.