Thursday, August 3, 2006

Nu River:“Nobody has told us anything.”

Report from the Nu River: “Nobody has told us anything.” | 怒江,江水能变“石油”吗?: "This past Chinese New Year [January/February 2006], I travelled to the Nu valley for the fourth time. Over a two-week period, I interviewed people in 100 households that would have to move if proposed dams, such as Liuku, Yabiluo, Bijiang and Maji, are built. Survey and drilling work is already under way at those sites. "

Nu River
Open letter
UNESCO World Heritage site

The Author:
Yongchen Wang is a Beijing-based journalist and founder of the environmental group Green Earth Volunteers. This article is an abridged version of one originally published on www.threegorgesprobe.org, which monitors the impacts of (and alternatives to) China’s big dams and water projects.

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