Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Giant panda cited as global most sightworthy animal

People's Daily Online -- Giant panda cited as global most sightworthy animal: "According to a recent survey conducted by a global environment protection organization, China's giant panda and the Amazon rainforest in South America are elected as 'the most sightworthy animal' and 'the most sightworthy natural sight' respectively."

Strange they don't mention WWF directly.

That's the survey:
and that's the result:

i was going to say: "there is no date, who knows how long the survey as been running here."
actually, there are some details:
"Page last updated: August 29, 2006." that's for the "survey".
"Page last updated: August 23, 2006." that's for the result.

Anyway, i don't really understand of 1. the survey 2. the article.

If the article mention WWF, everything (the behind) would be much clearer to me.

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