Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Flickr geotagging: Impressive

Great shot - where'd you take that?: "Flickr's great for exploring photos by photographer, tag, time, text and group, and now it's also great for exploring photos by place. There are a couple of short video tutorials (or "screencasts") which give the 90 second overview on how to geotag your own photos and how to use all the controls for searching and exploring geotagged photos. Watching them first will give you all of the information you need to get up and running.

If you want just jump in on the exploration side, here's the place to go: http://flickr.com/map"

"geobblogers.com" is back! well, kind of... it's a big new step for geotagging pictures.
Many new features make the experience very pleasant. (grouping pictures with the zoom level for example).

Well sure, it's yahoo maps, not google maps... but can't wait to use it. maybe yahoo maps are not so bad ;-)

Anyway, there will still be a way to see the same pics on a google maps, i guess.
Well, if you'll excuse me, i feel like geotagging now!

a nice link of my new flickr map:
but i'll suggest fo there instead. (you can zoom in and out and filter to get the pics you want, and then link to the result by using the "link this", great simple feature. will we be able to embed this in a website soon?)

There is a lot to read about this. Here is a good place to start.

I'm only wondering something. I haven't found any comments about that, but it seems that if you use flickr tool to "geotagged pics", you will not give them the tags as geo:lat=xxx and geo:lon=xxx...
I think that means that, contrary to my "there will still be a way to see the same pics on a google maps, i guess.", it will be impossible to see the newly geotagged pics using the cool geotagging tools like Yuan.CC Maps. and that sucks.

[update 2]
ok, i could finaly find some info about this. it's there:
There is an API. The geotag-tools dev will have to adapt their tools.
Another important adress, the group discussion about Flickr API:

To sum up:
Yes, the geo:lat=xxx and geo:lon=xxx are not used by Flickr but it is still working and you still be able to get the location from the FLickr API and display it on another map.

[update 3]
great post again on the Flickr blog:

[update 4]
I wasn't the only one (of course) to pick up on the geotag format choose by flickr:
In the comments, Rev Dan Catt! (the geobloggers guy) he says he will be blogging now.

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