Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Been to HK, got a visa.

- Train from Chengdu to Guangzhou was nice. Almost 40 hours but it was no problem. Surprisingly.

- Then HK. From Monday to Friday. Expensive to stay there but so many nice places to see. Met some interesting people as well... I'm thinking about the Filippino people we had lunch with, it was nice meeting these people, and hear their stories. I'm also thinking about the Indian people in Chung King Mansion where our "hotel" was.

- The passeport/visa was finally no pb. I thought it would when the chinese administration ask me to "repair" my passeport(my picture is a little "off"). Happily, the French Consulat was not too far. They said they didn't repair passeport and that they would have to make a new one (an emergency one) and reporting that to the chinese administration solved the problem: "ok, ok... no pb"

- 3 days to get a passeport actually means: if you give it monday, you'll get wednesday. pretty fast. Because of giving it wednesday, i got it friday, then we hurry to get out of Hong Kong.

- Here is a map to go from Wanchai MTR station to chinese admnisitration where to get a visa for china in Hong Kong.

- Bus from Guangzhou (Train/Bus station) to Shenzhen Airport is actually a bus to Bao'an. When you see the airport, ask for getting down... not like me. i thought he would stop there ;-) it's 50 kuai.

- the cheap way we used to go from Luo Hu Custom to Shenzhen airport: Metro (5 kuai) to the "windows of the world" the Public Bus (327? ask for it. 7 kuai) but be carefull. it takes a certain time (2 hours?).

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