Monday, May 24, 2004

The return of Kochi

Tonight i've watched one of the last ghibli i hadn't the chance to watch yet... "Umi Ga Kikoeru". really nice, like always with Ghibli! already last time, i had a nice surprise: the music of omohide poro poro is really original!(they played an italian "stornelli" that my grandmother is listenning to!)
This time, it's the city where the story takes place! Kochi, dear Kochi... that's were i went in summer 2000 for a 3 weeks workcamp! i could enjoy recognise some places, the nice castle, the festival, and the little city train that i took the first day i arrived in the city (by boat from Osaka).... haaaaaaa, my trip to japan... That was something!Posted by Hello

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