Monday, May 31, 2004


Last ride/walk to the lake tonight, at the sunset... tomorrow i'm leaving this appartment (i'll stay on the campus for 2 nights before going back to france).
it was a very sunny day and the sunset on the lake was really nice.
i watched birds and i've witnessed a cute scene.... the name of the bird is Great crested grebe. two parents were taking care of their kid. the baby was so small it could hardly be seen. it was on the back of one of the two adults. the adult without the kid on its back was fishing for "him" ( it was looking for very little fish and i suppose it had to put its head under the water for this reason... and then diving when it had a target).
(grebe huppé en français)
i wonder if one can find blog about ornithology, with some stories like that... no, can't find any.
on my way back, i suprised a fox. he ran in front of me to hide in the wood but i try to follow him. i surprised him 2 more times. it was quite funny. it was walking in the forest thinking he was safe but then he noticed me and freaked out. i could see the fox very closely this time. it's a really beautifull animal!

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