Friday, May 28, 2004

lots of new tings

today, this blog has taken a new turn! no, just kidding. i've discovered new things on the world wild web. i've added a clock, a tag board and a guestmap!
it's still so calm on this blog, my regular reader are my brothers. well, i like it like that. but people are sometimes coming here: weirdly sometimes. seems that people looking for "netto and bike" in french arrived here. and also about "systeme educatif en jordanie".... strange.
but i also had visit from india not long ago. that's cool. and before, i remember i had a visit from russia or serbia cause of the song from underground...
et aussi des gadz'arts cherchant quelque chose sur la polémique (polémique gadzarts dans google.es)
how fun!
maybe one of these days, i'll try an audiopost :-)

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