Thursday, September 7, 2006

Streaming music websites...

This website called blogmusik is quite nice. it seems people have been talking about it since July 13th.

It is interesting that it actually takes the Radio.blog database. without mentionning it for now. maybe, this new website is not only taken its music from there. But where else could they take the music from?

I suspect the website to french, because of its french version and because french blogs talking about it are numerous. Also, on the radio.blog forum, there is a thread in french about it. couldn't find one in english.

The good thing about this website is the ability to get a link for a song and share it easily. For example, here is one: http://www.blogmusik.net/?urlIdSong=102397
I could get this link very quickly.
I've blogged here tracks from Radio.blog before but blogmusik will be more easy for beginners.

Then, here i wanted to blog the track so you can listen to the song directly, without leaving this site, but radio.blog is down for maintenance....

About the song:
Well it's a new song from JJ, to me. it's about the 3Rs, yes: Reduce Reuse, Recycle!!! cool song.
3Rs by Jack johnson

Also, I could find this link using google, i couldn't find how to access it from the page.

Now it's on Techcrunch!

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