Monday, September 11, 2006

Photoblog / Huajiao

Check this photoblog for pictures of rural area in Sichuan. Nice captions! (couldn't leave my comment but will try again later)
Dan's China Days: Policy in practice:

"The municipal leader of He'ai town, a single mother, with her only child. The town meeting hall behind her is emblazoned with the slogan, 'Carrying out the One-Child Policy is China’s basic national policy'"

Dan's China Days: Huajiaoping village: a difficult life: "One of village's few sources of income is the sale of huajiao (known in the West as Sichuan peppers, and after which the village is named), for which they can earn six yuan per kilogram"
wow, that's cheap huajiao! Carrefour is helping selling huajiao from communities living around the Nature reserve in Minshan area (sichuan), in partnership with a WWF project.

wow, that's cheap huajiao!
Final price this year is around 100 yuan per kilo in Carrefour. It's very high this year because of poor weather and good quality (sic). Farmers can get more than 50 yuans.

HuaJiao (Sichuan Pepper)
Originally uploaded by Philou.cn.

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