Thursday, September 14, 2006

Snack food in China

Very good article again on chinadialogue.net about Food Safety.

small interesting introduction on snack in China:
China's food fears (part one) | 中国的食品安全恐慌(第一部分): "Perhaps the biggest difference between food in the West and in China is that Chinese people like to eat lots of little snacks whereas Westerners prefer one ‘main meal’. In the West, restaurants and fast food outlets produce standardised meals, where quantities are strictly regulated. But the Chinese have a long history of eating snacks. Traditionally an agricultural country, when farmers went out onto the fields, they would bring snacks with them to eat and to share with friends, or would swap them with farmers from neighbouring villages. The quality of the snack was important – it would indicate how skilful the wife was in the kitchen and help the family to maintain their ‘face’. So over the centuries the quality of these snacks became better and better, so that gradually, all over China, one could find snacks that were both delicious and safe. "

Then, it is about Pickle... Sichuan Pickle. Made here in Chengdu. very interesting as well! I will be thinking about this article every meal for a while!

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