Friday, March 5, 2004

Crossroads episode

well, i really like that show.
Fisher & Sons: "Six Feet Under": "NATE knocks on the door and opens it.
Nate: My only defense is I think I was hallucinating. That and the thought of you with another man makes me crazy. Sorry. I'm just a guy that way. So, where's Connor?
Brenda: Oh, God, I threw him out. There's only so much of him I can take.
Nate: So you forgive me?
Brenda: Sure. Why not?
Nate: Good. Now it's your turn.
Brenda: You want me to apologize?
Nate: Yes... For trying to use Billy's meltdown and Connor's visit to push me away. For being impatient with my very valid emotional response to each one, and for always asking me to adjust my behavior and feelings but never be willing to do that yourself.

Brenda: OK. That's fair. I apologize.
Nate: Part of you wants me to bail.
Brenda: Yeah. You're probably right.
Nate: Why?
Brenda: Because I've already gone further than I have with anybody since--(stops herself) since a long time ago. Because every time I've ever believed in a happy ending, I've gotten severely fucked. Sorry.
Nate: Well, do me a favor. Promise me from here on out, I am the only man in your bed and in your life. (BRENDA laughs.) I'm serious, Bren. Promise me.
Brenda: I promise.
Nate: I love you, and I wanna be with you for the long haul, but there is a limit to the amount of shit I will put up with.
Brenda: Did you just make me a lifetime commitment, right before the thinly veiled threat of abandonment?
Nate: Well, I don't remember using the word 'lifetime.' (smiles)
Brenda: Well, I wouldn't hold you to it. (smiles) Sorry I'm so weird about intimacy. I guess spending your childhood getting picked apart by behavioral psychologists will do that.
Nate: Well, not being able to sleep at night because your basement's full of dead people takes its toll, too."

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