Friday, March 5, 2004


Crosssroads: "This episode is aptly named 'Crossroads,' and not just because of the name of the program Claire attends. As with most episodes, the person who dies at the beginning stands as a symbol for the theme of the show. Chloe Yorkin was at a major crossroads in her life, having just completed her divorce proceedings. She could have gone on to a great rebirth, a new life for herself. Instead, she acts stupidly, and wastes her opportunity. She gets drunk and literally loses her head. Similarly, all the characters in this episode are at a crossroads in their life. They can either sink or swim, give into foolish behavior or not. She is a warning to them, to whom they do not listen. Fortunately, they don't end up like her. Nate reaches a crossroads in his relationship with Brenda. His decision to get stoned almost jeapordizes their future. Fortunately, he is able to make up for it. Claire reaches her own crossroads, becoming friends with Parker. Her decision to bring pot on the trip and get high with Topher almost ruins her future. But Dave doesn't tell anybody. David does not do drugs in this episode (that happens next week), but in this one he does begin to act differently, to play with fire. This is a trend that will continue. Meanwhile, Ruth jeapordizes her future with Hiram by fantasies of Nikolai, but perhaps that is not a bad thing in that situation..."

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