Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Flickr Pro account

Yes! I've got one.

It is so good to see my old pics i uploaded there. They are back!

Thanks to Yahoo photos closing (and because i had some pics there), I got 3 months for free on Flickr pro. I don't think I will go back from Pro. I'll buy myself a pro account in 3 months.
I have to organise it but it's so fun to do with the Flickr Organisr... I've got many pics to put on the map (When I uploaded these pics, there were no geotagging system.)
and I've also got to try that collection feature (to group some album).

The close of Yahoo Photos also brings a hope: the LPO Franche-Comte is using a Yahoo Group and some users are using the photo album feature. will that also be transfered? I guess it will be difficult to do that but the result could be great. (Flickr has more sharing features!)

Here's one picture that I had there. That's me in 2002. I was a engineer student in Cluny, France. I guess I was playing with the webcam in the computer room of the school.

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