Sunday, September 9, 2007

1st week at "work"

Well, after 1 week at work I should feel like diving in the active world.... it's more complex than that. I'm working in a company that offer services to other big companies which are 'the clients'.

Most of the engineer working in my BD (business division) (it's also true for the other BD) are doing a mission at the client offices. I still don't have a mission, they are looking for one. They are looking for a job for me. I guess it's more easy for them than me and that it won't take 6 months ;-)

So now I'm doing a "training". It's about "managed testing". When you make a computing application (it's a big project generally), there is one last step before releasing the application: testing it. and collect "defects" that will have to be repaired.

I'm getting familiar with my future job but I'm looking forward to really dive in...

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