Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eco-tourism in south-west China

Interesting article about Eco-tourism featuring Wanglang Nature Reserve in Sichuan. (but mainly about Yunnan)
Can China embrace eco-tourism? | 生态旅游在中国可行吗?
"Tourists are choosing the holiday that involves the least effort, and China's eco-tourism sector is suffering as a result. Sichuan's Wanglang Nature Reserve is a haven for giant pandas. Since 1996, Peking University professor and panda expert, Lu Zhi, has been promoting eco-tourism to the area. But the lack of dramatic scenery and the need to spend time outdoors in order to see the pandas mean that Wanglang still lacks the number of visitors it deserves. The same could be the case in Yunnan."

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