Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crazy CCTV football commentator (2)

Crazy CCTV football commentator:
in the comment section:
"The Chinese commentary standard generally is abysmal....so many errors in names of players, facts and so on, plus an incredible lack of knowledge and expression...at least this guy was showing a bit of passion! My top two CCTV commentary bits:

Germany v Poland, 92 minutes, Germany snatch a late winner....we see the goal, get three replays, all the while the dude is screaming BALLACK! BALLACK!! INCREDIBLE!! BALLACK!! Problem was, Michael Ballack didn't get the goal, it was Oliver Neuville.....

Holland vs Portugal, 70 minutes
A dirty game, but very entertaining - alas the commentator was unimpressed by the play. After Deco hacks down a Dutch player, the commentator, in the most sneering way possible, says 'Chinese fans want to see exciting play and excellent teamwork, not such violence'.....pah! U ever seen a taxi smash mate??? There is nothing that the Chinese love more than gawking at a couple of guys going at it bell and whistle!!!

I've been so amazed and impressed by how my Chinese co-workers have got into this World Cup, such interest and enthusiasm....I guess ignorance of decent coverage is bliss."

and then:
"Angus: Ironically, Chinese fans seem to enjoy those kinds of mistakes - Han Qiaosheng is one commentator notorious for his errors, and seems to have made a career out of it: http://pianpian.160.cc/yourindex/aindex/a0001.htm"

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