Friday, January 16, 2004

A patchwork planet

Yes, this is it. This is the name of this blog. Well, off course I didn't invent anything (I never do): it's from a book I've read recently from Ann Tyler. Yes I loved it. I bought it on new year's day in a used-book shop in Chiang mai, Thailand (where I spend 4 days as a vacation). I had no idea what I was buying: I had never heard of this American novelist before. The title made my choice. I was looking for something entertaining (I was traveling on my own and I had nothing to read). 160 baths, a bit more than 3 euros. I read in 3 days.
well here are some reviews and sites I found about it.
mostly fiction
"A Man You Can Trust" by Gill Hornby

but planet patchwork is also a site about Quilting. Well, I have nothing to do with this art (except that my mum is doing some and she asked me to bring back some cheap fabrics from Thailand)

and it's impossible not to mention this site about women in Jordan who are making patchwork: www.patchworkplanet.com

looks like there's also a book about plate tectonics called like that...
see also this picture.

everything else worth noticing?

let's finish by a nice passage of this wonderful book:
"I'd heard about the planet quilt often, but I'd never seen it. What I had pictured was a kind of fabric map - a plaid Canada, a gingham U.S. Instead the circle was made up of mismatched squares of cloth no bigger than postage stamps, joined by uneven black stitches of a woman whose eyesight was failing. Planet Earth, in Mrs. Alford's version, was makeshift and haphazard, clumsily cobbled together, overlapping and crowded and likely to fall into pieces at any moment.

'Pretty,' I said. Because it was sort of pretty, in an offbeat unexpected way."

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