Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going... back!

In time like these... I feel the need to write down, to express some feelings, kind of.
In times like these
In times like those
What will be will be
And so it goes
And it always goes on, and on, and on....
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Découvrez Jack Johnson!

I'm going back to China (in the city called Kunming). To live, not just to go and come back. I guess I'm looking for something more.
It's not easy to go and live abroad if it's not your work who take you there, but that's the "rules" of this world. And if most of the times, you go by the rules, sometimes you push the things a bit. So I registered as a student (to learn Chinese) in a school and got a student visa for 1 year.
I am a new day rising
I'm a brand new sky
to hang the stars upon tonight
I am a little divided
do I stay or run away
and leave it all behind?

(full lyrics) (wikipedia page)

Découvrez Foo Fighters!

It's times like these, you just have to make a choice:
Photo de Magalie L'Abbé

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