Thursday, October 25, 2007

Google newsreel language "issue"

Just a small post to mention a small language "issue" i just realized with google newsreel in blogger (i'm only talking about something I've checked, i don't have the technical knowledge to elaborate on this).

I'm using google newsreel in blogger for the LPO Franche-Comté blog (a regional bird NGO in France) to display the news mentioning "lpo". it looks really nice when it works the way it supposed to, showing French article including "lpo".

The thing is, this blogger module seems to depends on the language of the web browser. My Firefox is in English and when visiting the LPO FC blog, I was seeing article about lpo in English which were not related to the French NGO as lpo is something else in English (to make it short).
Hopefully, I realized what had happened and didn't delete the module. I guess most of people won't have the problem.

How many persons will browse a website in a certain language with a browser in a different language, looking at this newsreel module checking for a keyword that don't have the same result in the 2 languages? well, some... but not much i guess.

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Anonymous said...

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