Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Find my Flickr pics on the Web! (and in the world)

Here a post i wanted to write for a long time... how my pictures on Flickr were used by others.

I've always been happy to see people like my pics and to be asked if they can use it for their project.

Here's my first list:
- a Sweedish article about Tea (link was lost...)
- The French Guyana Satellite launcher model, used in wikipedia (and more recently for a brochure)
- Some of my sichuan pictures for Panda protection on a WWF International website. (for example here)

But what makes me write the article now is the most recent case:
- a Flexible rentals advertisement from the HCR group, a british company who made postcards out of a picture i took in Cameroon.
I got the postcard in my mailbox when i came back from holiday.
They even did a banner with the picture on their specific website about Flexible rentals:

Looks great! ;-)

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