Sunday, February 5, 2006

SMS to China ,free sms to China mobile , free sms to china unicom

Good reliable service. it does what it says: i can sms my girl in china.

There are other services but this one has a quickly loadable website. don't know if the price is good: i got 100 sms for 6 usd. good enough, i'm willing to pay.

I had a problem at the beginning because i had used my first 5 free sms to the same number and when i bought credits to send more, it didn't work cause it was the same number... Anyway, i emailed the support and they solved the pb quickly.

Read more at www.talk2china.com/engl...

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Philippe said...

update: they have change from 70 characters'sms to 140 characters. (depends of the phone you're smsing to)

but u can't use chinese character anymore to make it shorter.now a chinese character takes as much space as the pinyin u use to write it. smart of them...