Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter break, Delft

I've been to Holland to see my good friend Eric.

The plane
I took the plane from Cph. Basiqair is a low cost based in the netherlands. the price from Cph to rotterdam airport is 20€ if you reserved well in advance, which i didn't do. i choose the date of my trip with the remaining cheapest days: 50€ on tuesday and on saturday... with the taxes, it's about 150€ which is not so expensive compare to bus (eurolines seems to be 130€...)
good flight... so short!
at the beginning, they announced a film about security and the usual blabla and i couldn't see any screen... that was funny, the screen were actually hidden in the ceiling and automatically went down for the presentation....
we got one episode of friends too. makes the flight even shorter.
Rotterdam airport is just next to delft which was really practical. anyway the distances are really small in Holland, especially between deen haag, delft and rotterdam, which are the city we went to.

Eric is studying in the biggest technical university of the netherlands, TU Delft. he's leaving in a "cité", sharing an appartment with 2 other students. he had many friends, mainly italian people studying architecture... but there were also spanish, greek and sweedish people.
Delft is a nice city with its canals and the old city. i had a pleasant bicycle ride in it when Eric was in class. I visited 2 museums but nothing worth mentioning.
Eric and I went to play Music in an amazing cultural center. He told me he paid 20€ and he has access to many rooms with drums, piano and i guess anything you could dream for! we went twice and it was really a great place. i wish i could find something like that here: i could really use a little practice for my drum!

Rotterdam by night
we went to a jazz club by train, "Dizzy" and it was really cool place. there was "polar bear", a jazz band from england i think... the leader was a drummer with a very huge and messy hair style. he was quite good, maybe to much present but i guess it was what the band was about. their were 2 saxophonists but it looks like they were here just to play on the drums and the bass. some rythm were awesome though and some sax things too. it was free jazz, i would say. (seems a bit famous if you look at the info you can find on the net)

Rotterdam Port
we try to go and see the port of rotterdam. Eric have heard about the new automatical system to manage the containers.... it was an occasion to drive around and we had fun. we found a nice poluted beach, many wind turbins, a cool bridge who went up to let a boat go... and finally the "ECT" area... but impossible to enter.
we had fun though.

Dee Haag
the political capital city of Holland. its moderns building, its old area.... we found the "peace palace" but their was nothing interesting there.
we finally went to the mc Escher museum and it was very nice day.

other stuff...
Gnocchi party (yes!)...

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